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Stay Fit and Healthy with Green Tea

Stay Fit and Healthy with Green Tea
Green Tea has become a popular drink because of its too many health benefits. And when it comes to weight loss, green tea is still one of the most in-demand tea product worldwide. So what really is the big deal with green tea? This short post will cover the most significant reasons why this type of tea is beneficial to your health as well as a perfect remedy for weight gain.

If you are tired of taking some fad diets and over consumption of prescription drugs just to lose weight, then you better turn your attention to a more organic way of losing those pounds. More and more people are now aware of the effectiveness of organic products and one product that can really help achieve optimum health and weight loss is green tea. Green tea have been used by ancient Chinese for over 4000 years for medication and other health concerns. Green tea was first became popular in Asian countries particularly in China and Japan.

Compounds of Green Tea

green tea leavesThis type of tea is composed of fresh leaves of Carmellia Sinensis which is primarily rich in polyphenol, a flavonal compound. This makes green tea a very powerful antioxidant which fights off free radicals out of the body which happens to cause serious diseases such as cancers and also fights off other diseases such as rheumatism, nerve damage and cardiovascular diseases.

How does green tea burn body fats? Green tea has said to help boosts metabolic rate of the body without the needed physical activities such as long hours of exercise and weight training or unhealthy weight loss methods. Green tea is one of the most readily available organic drink that can help you lose weight the more natural way plus it doesn’t have any side effects.

Green tea also has vitamin E, another popular antioxidant compound. In a recent study, green tea also helps reduce bad cholesterol level and inhibiting the formation of blood clot. Other benefits includes the following:

- prevents tooth decay

- fights against food poisoning

- prevents bad breath

- fights infection

- helps avoid depression

- prevent stroke

- improves skin

- relieves headache

Green tea is widely available anywhere and in many forms. Remember, make sure that you choose the most organic green tea and not just any green tea commercial drinks that are offered in the market.

So green tea is a perfect health drink for you. It does not just make you healthy, but it also helps to keep you fit and strong. Drink green tea everyday!


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