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Weight Loss Myths that You Should Know

Weight Loss Myths that You Should Know
Do you believe in mythologies? Most things have myths especially with regards to health and fitness. Do you know several of these weight loss myths?

Since keeping fit is a hard task, you need every information that you can get to effectively lose weight and avoid failure. If you don’t have workout equipments, then you will certainly need enough knowledge to overcome your weight gain issues and prevent wrong practices that are theoretical in nature.

Like any other endeavors, weight loss has its own sets of mythologies that you should be aware of. Understanding these facts will help you to progress on your fitness program and keep a healthy weight.

Below are some of the cool weight loss myths published from AskMen. I added some of my own mythologies based on my experiences.

Different Weight Loss Myths

You probably heard a thousand times in various programs that cutting on carbs can effectively help you lose weight. While this is the usual thought for many people, that doesn’t prove to be the primary factor for weight loss.

Recent medical studies suggests that the most important key to fitness is your calorie intake, regardless of the amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates you consume. The less calories you take and the more you burn, the more you lose weight. So talk to your dietitian about foods that has less calories for your weight loss program.

It’s in your Genes

This might be the first thing that will pop up to your mind with regards to weight loss. You probably assumed that having a family of overweight or obese will automatically be your faith.

Genetically speaking, the risks of being fat is actually higher if you have a family history of obesity. But this is not always the case. A friend of mine is a certified obese were most of his family members are big people except for her sister which is sexy and petite.

What does it mean for you? It means that not all genes are perfectly identical to give similar results. So if you have a family history of obesity, don’t worry because you have what it takes to be different. One way is to boost your metabolism thru exercise and of course, balanced and healthy diet.

Noshing are Better to Prevent Hunger

People tends to eat mini meals throughout the day thinking that they can suppress their hunger for longer periods of time. While noshing became a habit for most weight conscious individuals, there is an important element to consider to achieve weight loss.

That element would still be your calorie intake. You can definitely eat between meals if you take low calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables plus practicing control portion sizes, both of which will surely improve your progress. In contrast, eating mini-meals of foods high in fat, carbs and calories tells the big difference.

Slimming Products for Permanent Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements are thought to be the magic formula to shed pounds fast and for good. While diet pills can really help you lose weight, it doesn’t give permanent effect as most products had advertised.

Like any other fitness regimen, diet pills are perfect as a weight loss support which is the reason why it is also known as “supplements” in the first place. This is the reason why most diet pills offer dieting tips and workout programs to show positive results.

A good example would be Phen375, a clinically tried, tested and safe supplement which I highly promote in this site. This product offers dozens of diet plan for their users. Below is an example plan and you can get more once you purchase your own Phen375.

Eat Less, the Better

Like eating in between meals, eating less or starving yourself just to trim your weight is another big myth in the weight loss industry. This is due to the ideology that burning more calories than calories being taken is the key to fitness, making people to avoid heavy eating during meals.

While eating less might seem helpful or effective to your over all fitness program, this practice does not goes well with your body, making you at risk of different vitamin and nutrient deficiency. Plus, it won’t speed up your metabolism and will process more calories you consume while storing fats.

Again, you need to eat a balanced and strategic diet that won’t dampen your health while losing weight effectively.

More Repetitions, Less Weight, equals Toned Muscles

Okay, you are now lean and thin and you want to tone your muscles fast. You think about gym works such as cardio and strenuous weight training to develop muscles and curve a muscular body.

Of course you start with light barbells and dumbbells for your body to get accustomed to lifting. Then your fitness coach tells you that it is much better to do more repetitions with lesser weights than going straight to heavier equipments.

While this practice can result to toned, muscle cuts, a recent study shows otherwise. A recent research shows that lifting weights of about 85% of your full ability with lesser repetitions (approximately about 6 to 8 reps) burns about double calorie counts than doing hours of light weight lifting with 15 repetitions or more.

I have experienced this myself when I started to lift weights. I was able to trim my stomach without doing any crunches, just pure weight lifting. If you want to tone your muscles and achieve weight loss, try practicing this technique and I guarantee you positive results!

Fatty Foods will make you Fat!

Most of us think that fatty foods can make us fat and causes weight gain. Another big myth. Avoiding fat is a big mistake with regards to your health.

First off, our body needs stored fats for energy, just like fuel for cars. The body uses these fats to metabolize the nutrients we consume, making these compounds to work accordingly. Aside from that, fats makes you feel fuller which results in eating less.

Additionally, you need to choose foods that offer good fats such as olive oil, while preventing bad fats found mostly on processed and junked foods.

Low-Fat foods means Healthy

In general, low-fat foods are conceived to be the healthier choice for weight loss fanatics. The terms “low”, “less”, “non-fat” and “reduced” are actually not fully safe because companies use other “secret” ingredients to make their product still likeable despite having less fat. The item might still also contain fats which is just lessened to still have an appeal to the masses.

Other substitute sweeteners to make their product to taste much better while branding it as “less-fat”. As you know, sweeteners have higher calorie contents which are not good for your weight loss program. Plus, some suspicious products may very well equipped with saturated fats or commonly known as trans fats, which are not good for your cardiovascular health.

What should you do? If you are a wise dieter, you need to pick the best products that are trustworthy and gives value to your money. A good examples would be dairy products which are abundantly tagged with low-fat gimmicks. Once you noticed that these foods delays your weight loss, then you are probably eating more calories than what you had bargained for.

Empty Stomach before Workout will Burn more Fat

An article from Runners World claims that blood sugar and muscle carbohydrate levels drop after fasting. Working out without having a meal or on a empty stomach will use more fats as energy, resulting to weight loss. However, the article cleared this theory of being just a myth.

The article suggests that our body needs carbohydrates for our bodies to be able to burn more calories. Our muscles and brain also count on carbs to function properly, which also decreases the risks of injuries while working out. So it is advisable to consume at least 100 calories of healthy fruits 30 minutes before workout.

Weight Loss Myths Summary

Now that you are well aware about different weight loss myths, it is time for you to change your program for the betterment of your health. This list might seem in contrast with what you truly believed, but they are certainly not going to help you lose weight in any way. Let this list give you light on how to get fit and healthy the right way.

In your opinion, what have you learned about this article? Do you know other myths that you want to share with other readers?


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