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Article about the English Premier League

English Premier League
The English Premier League is a football league in England, we will try to get to know it more here in an article about the English Premier League, and why it is the best league in the world, and besides that, we present some facts and quick figures about this competition.

What is the Premier League?

The English Premier League is the first and highest level of the English Premier League system, and it is a league that includes 20 clubs, each team plays 38 games, and the winner of the league is the club that achieves the highest set of points in one season, while the owner of the lowest group of points goes down to the division The second of the system, known as the First Division League.
The English Premier League began in the year 1888, and in 1992 its name was changed to the English Premier League, due to television rights. All clubs participating in the league belong to the United Kingdom, especially England, and two clubs from Wales have also participated in this league, which is Swansea City. Cardiff City.

The start of the Premier League

The English Premier League began in the year 1888, and for a long period of time the league was considered one of the best leagues in the continent, but it was not the first, as the league suffered from many challenges in the past century, especially the absence of sports facilities, public riots, and other problems.
Article about the English Premier League
Beginning in the eighties, English clubs focused on the commercial side, and put a lot of pressure on the union, and in the end they succeeded in increasing their right to revenue from television rights to 50 percent, which caused an increase in competitiveness in the league, as the clubs became stronger than before in terms of Economic.

In 1992 the English Premier League was launched, which is a new system that seeks to collect the strongest clubs in the country in one league, in which the revenues are divided closely, making even small clubs get huge money, which contributes to their better development, and to become more powerful, and in the end A league full of excellent clubs.

English Premier League

Beginning in 1992, the English Premier League became the strongest league in the world, and the economic aspect was the most important reason for that, as the high revenues developed from the performance of the league clubs, and since the inception of this new system, about 44 clubs participated in the competition, and six clubs crowned the title, namely:
  • Manchester United, 13 titles.
  • Chelsea, 6 titles.
  • Arsenal, 3 titles.
  • Manchester City, 3 titles.
  • Blackburn Rovers, one title.
  • Leicester, one title.
In the new system, it is somewhat impossible to know the winner of the title at the beginning of the season, for example no one disagrees that the winner of the Spanish League may be Barcelona or Real Madrid, but in the English Premier League the winner may be a club that has recently promoted to the league, which is what happened with Leicester City in 2016.

Why is he the strongest in the world

The English Premier League is the most watched league in the world, with the number of league viewers estimated at 4.7 billion people, more than half of the world's population, while the average audience attendance is about 38,000 fans, and it is the second largest audience presence in the world after the league. German.

The success of the league is mainly due to the way the revenues are distributed. In one year, the league’s revenues amount to 2.4 billion euros, almost all of which come from local and international television rights. 70 percent of these revenues are distributed equally to English clubs, while the rest is distributed to the champion, his runner-up and the owners of the positions. First.

The last-placed owner gets 100 million euros, while the first-place holder gets 150 million euros, and this slight difference in the distribution of revenues is what makes him the strongest in the world, as other leagues one club gets more money than any other club, which makes it competitive None, which negatively affects the level of the competition.
  • Facts and figures about the English Premier League
  • The holder of the most titles in the Premier League is Manchester United with 13.
  • The player who has appeared the most in the Premier League matches is Gareth Barry, with 653 games.
  • The highest-scoring player in the league in history is Alan Shearer, with 260 goals.
  • Peter Crouch is the top scorer in the league with 51 goals.
The largest margin between the winner and the runner-up was 19 points, the lowest was with 0 points, but with an advantage of 8 goals.

Arsenal are the only club that has not lost a full season in the league and that was in the 2003 season.

The match between Arsenal and Tottenham in 2018 witnessed the largest crowd attendance in the history of the league, with 83,000 fans.


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