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Article about the Spanish League

Spanish League
Spanish Football Association in the Spanish Football Association was established in 1904 with its seat in Madrid, the Spanish head, and in 1913 he officially joined FIFA to become a member of International Federation in 1954 and publicly announced its accession to the European Football Association.

The Spanish Federation is the body responsible for organizing competitions in Spain, according to the FIFA designed, in addition to its role of supervising the national team in Spain and one of the most prominent competitions in men's football in the Spanish League championship with its three steps, but it is laughter champion the sum of the first and competitions too in laughter.

Spain King's Cup and the Spanish Super Cup and one of the most prominent achievements in international level for achieving World Cup title in 2010. [1] The Spanish league in the Spanish League Championship was launched in the first class in 1929, and witnessed competition with the participation of 60 different clubs throughout history.
In Rome, and Athletic Bilbao are the most participating teams, a study of history he passes as they were that, in his absence, by the history of the competition, and in no way memorable was fought 88 Jerusalem, and in the competition which had been suspended in the 3 consecutive times a year 19 36 as far as 1939, from the beginning of the civil war, Spain, the contest received so much attention from the major television channels throughout the world, with competition only grow with them and transfer them competition that includes among its matches the famous and especially for follow-up Clasico match in the world that a man in one of the giants against Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Spanish League is one of the strongest in the pursuit of world competitions, in addition to the English Premier League.
Article about the Spanish League
The number of the clubs, with clubs from the Spanish for the first time in Division 20, where the top four competitors participate in the UEFA Champions League, so long as the clubs, which were positions that the effect of it is to participate. From 5 to 7 of the European League Championship, former European Cup and was relegated to second division championship, the last three rows are 18, 19 and 20, and 3 clubs from the second class against him and competitions league start and end of the month of August of the year frozen. May usually match played on Saturday and Sunday, and now the fourth Thursday pacts to be at home to be.

Volume 0% Spanish league clubs 20 clubs participated in the Spanish League first division, the first and strongest club in Spain and the team NCAA prospects own stadium, and while Spanish clubs from high public popularity, history and many shared in league clubs in the competition

The history of the Spanish League 90 years after the start of Spanish League Championship, the first race, the season witnessed 88 copies of the order until the 2018/2019 season, and for a time during the competition knew who won the title 9 clubs, but the clubs that limit have traveled more than other clubs, which in the course of the clubs who have won the title and number of wins: Real Madrid has won the competition title 33 times, runner-up in the 23 prior versions, and managed to win the title at 5 times in twice a row. At Barcelona, ​​he won the title 26 times competition, including examples consecutive 4, 25 and the runner-up in the previous copies. Atletico Madrid, the competition is won 10 times, most recently in 2014 and prepare 9-forwards copies. Athletic Bilbao: the competition is won 8 times, and finally in 1984, and runner-7 previous editions. Valencia, 6 times and won the title of the competition, most recently in 2004, and runner-up in the previous 6 editions.

Real Society, and won the competition title twice in 1980 and 1981, and runner-up in the previous 3 copies. Deportivo La Coruna, won the competition in the title once in 2000 and runner-up in the previous 5 editions. Sevilla won the competition for the title once in 1946 and runner-up in the previous 4 editions.

Beets Real, who have won the competition title once in 1935 that the prominent actors in the Spanish League Football League witnessed before awarded to a business players in the world over the centuries, led by Argentina Diego Maradona Lionel Messi and shed their own in addition to the groups of players going out the name of the football numerically and scoring record, these names are considered the best in the history of the Spanish League, Lionel Messi, the Argentine striker Lionel Messi is the most scored by a player in the Spanish League championship in the history of 417 was displayed until April 2019, and increases as the number of the player. And it still represents FC Barcelona. Andoni Zubizarreta and plays Goalkeeping toward the center to the Spanish national team, and participated in 622 games d


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