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Bad Side Effects of Steroids

Bad Side Effects of Steroids
Are you dreaming to be a macho man and have a bigger muscles? Well, most men and some women aim that goal which is the reason why they work hard in the gym. They do all kinds of weight training just to build muscles in every part of the body.

But what if your effort doesn’t satisfy you enough? What if you want more? If that is the case, then you probably will try using steroids. Steroids are necessity if you are a body builder or an athlete. But in recent study, over 70% of steroid users are non-bodybuilders and non-athletes which means that many weight lifters are more serious about having big muscles rather than just getting fit.

Today’s topic is a sensitive one. Steroids is a hot issue that can start a hot debate. As many more people turn pro or against this compound, you must learn the very importance of steroids including its benefits and more importantly its side effects. Let me give you these details to give you an updated information with regards to this kind of “black hat” fitness.

What are Steroids

More people views steroids as a wonderful drug. Steroids or scientifically known as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS), is a synthetic drug that has similar functions or effects of male testosterone hormones. “Anabolic” means a use of something such as compounds or drugs, that causes a tissue build up.

Testosterone came from the body’s cholesterol and has its effect mainly on tissues. Once this hormone enters into a cell, it attaches to a receptor which reacts into the cell nucleus and triggers protein synthesis. Once protein synthesis happen, it starts tissue repair and build up. The more levels of protein synthesis, the more your body will have faster recovery from tissue damage from injuries and other diseases.

bad side effects of steroidsMeanwhile, steroids in general are used to treat different health conditions and have several functions for medical use. This includes maintaining sexual characteristics in male after a testicular cancer surgery, muscle loss due to cancer, malfunctions of pituitary gland, reproduction drug, metabolism charger, immune functions, anemia, osteoporosis and many others.

However, the use of steroids needs medical approval and strict supervision. Any medical treatment that requires steroid drugs are closely monitored especially with required to dosage. In sports, steroids are being used in abundance were athletes takes large dosages to keep their competitive level in check although there are no conclusive reports that steroids can enhance skills or agility.

How are Steroids used?

Steroids are used in two ways – orally or injected intramuscularly. Unfortunately for most users, they administered steroids without proper advise from medical experts and rely heavily on hearsay, sellers and friends who took steroids. They are not particular with the harmful effects of steroids.

More assumptions are falsely misunderstood by many users thinking that the more steroids they take, the better results they will get. Doctors on the other hand only recommend small dosages, approximately 1 to 5 mg per day specifically for medical purposes.

Also, users takes different types of steroids and in conjunction with other types of drugs. Usually, users take steroids in a span of 6 to 12 weeks and they stop to avoid developing tolerance. This process is called “stacking” by most steroid users.

Oral type of steroids can stay in the body for several weeks after use. Injected steroids can stay for several months after use and are detectable through urine samples.

Bad Effects of Steroids

We are done with the uses or medical benefits of using steroids. In contrast, there are a long list of harmful effects of steroids and many users ignores this fact. First off, a usual steroid brand can be acquired in the black market which are obviously doubtful with regards to quality. These traded or illegally manufactured products may be contaminated, mislabeled, fake or has less amounts of the drug.

These fake steroids can definitely cause bad effects on your health. There are even reports that these drugs contains small amounts of water, dye and even a peanut oil. Now that is not good for your health. Furthermore, each body parts can be affected badly by the inappropriate use of steroids. Let get down into this one by one.

Psychological effects

Abusive use of steroids have great effects on behavior that could be due to high testosterone levels. It can trigger aggressive personality which leads to violent behavior, mood swings, manic episodes, depression and unpredictability. There are also cases of irritability, jealousy, delusions, impaired judgment and other psychotic syndromes. Worst is that, these symptoms are intensified once you try to withdraw or stop taking steroids.

Facial, Skin, Hair and Eyes side effects

Too much use of Steroids can cause oedema or high levels of water retention which leads to round facial physique and puffy cheeks. It can also cause skin acne and other skin problems. In women, facial hair, bad breath and husky voice are reported.

With regards to hair, pattern baldness is common to both sexes due to high levels of testosterone. Eye damage, infections, cataracts and glaucoma are common eye side effects.

Steroids can also affect your skin causing roughness texture, greasy skin, backne (acne on the back), stretch marks due to muscle growth, jaundice (yellowing of the skin) and thinning of the skin.

Infertility/Reproductive issues

DoctorOz has quite explained the hazards of using steroids on a person’s fertility. With regards to male, too much testosterone levels is being converted into a female hormone estrogen. This triggers female features such as prostate enlargement, sterility, sexual dysfunction, baldness, breast enlargement (gynocomastia) and testicular astrophy.

For females, the effects are totally in contrast. Reported side effects are menstrual irregularities, voice changes, baldness, fetal damage, unusual hair growth on some parts of the body, sexual dysfunction, sterility, breast reduction and genital swelling.

Impotence is also one of the most common infertility side effects of steroid abuse. The drug causes the testes to reduce its regular function which is to produce testosterone. When a user decides to withdraw, it will take time for the pituitary gland to tell the testes to begin producing testosterone hormones. One effects of steroid withdrawal is impotence and lack of erections.

Cardiovascular effects

If you love your heart, then you better stop using steroids. Steroid abuse can cause different heart disease because of increases cholesterol levels in the blood. This causes blockage on the walls of the blood vessels that lead to stroke. Disrupting the normal process of blood flow can increase the possibility of enlargement of the heart which is precursor to heart attack.

Vital Organs side effects

Kidneys regulates blood pressure and if this function is disrupt due to steroid use, it can damage the blood vessels and will result to kidney failure or stones. Once this occurs, wastes material from the blood cannot be disposed and the regulation of water and salt will be altered.

Stomach side effects includes bloated feeling, vomiting with blood due to stomach irritation and increased stomach acids. Steroids can also highly damage your liver and may very well cause cirrhosis. The effects of steroids in the liver are irreversible, just like any other liver diseases. Jaundice, cancer, bleeding and hepatitis are also possible side effects of being a steroid dependent individual.

Steroids also have negative effects on male’s prostate gland. Prostate’s main role is the production of prostatic fluid, components that enables sperm activity. Too much steroids can disrupt this function and may cause the prostate to swell and will interfere with the urine flow as it touches the urethra. Aside from this, sexual activities can also be affected like abnormal or decreased sperm count.

Muscular and Skeletal side effects

Steroids are being used mostly by teenagers and young adults. This period is a delicate situation for them and steroids are highly not advisable. There bone structures are not yet fully developed and in fact still growing. Steroids can highly affect this bone growth and will cease to develop and leads to short height. Others reported bone ache.

Muscular side effects includes muscle tear and tendon rupture. Since steroids can increase muscle mass, a user may actually feel or think stronger which leads to more strenuous weight lifting activities in which his body is not really capable of.

Other known side effects

Injection-method of steroid can cause blood poisoning through the use of non-sterile or sharing of needles. This puts the user to high risks of infections such as hepatitis and HIV. The site of injection might also become swollen and tender which could develop abscess. When this occurs, this requires serious and painful medical treatment.

Steroid users also suffers from loss of energy, difficulty in handling relationships, problems with careers or jobs and may also cause “male anorexia”, a feeling of dissatisfaction with body image.

Above all, steroids can cause death! All these side effects can all lead to suicidal tendencies and health-related death.

Alternatives to Steroids

After all the information above, do you still want to take steroids? Unless you need this drug for medication, you don’t totally need steroids to develop big muscular physique. I have compiled the best fitness tips that you could ever find online, all you need is to have discipline and motivation to consistently workout and have sexy and fit body. Just search this site and you will learn a lot.

If you are obese, then obviously steroids is not the best option for you. You need to lose weight in a more natural way to prevent any health side effects. There are dieting programs, exercise plans and other supporting casts such as weight loss pills. If you want to learn more about the best, trusted and clinically proven weight loss pills in the market today


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