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Article about the Champions League

Article about the Champions League
The European Champions League The European Champions League is the strongest club tournament on the European continent in terms of football, and the strongest in the whole world, as the most powerful clubs on the European continent participate, and it is the The most watched sports tournament in the world and the Champions League championship takes place. Europe every year, as it starts in September and ends in late May or early June every year, and usually the final match of the tournament takes place in a specific stadium since the start of the season in a European city, and the winner wins the Champions League title, and at the start of the following season he meets the championship champion The European League, and the strongest clubs in Europe prepare their players to win the title every year, this which makes the competition high for the title.

History of the Champions League

On all continents, club competitions take place, but the European continent is the one that spends the most money, and it is the continent that includes the most important names in football history, and that is a dream for all players from leading countries in the football match outside the European continent such as Brazil and Argentina, which makes the Champions League is the most expensive in the world, the tournament overseen by the UEFA dates back to 1955, and was called the European Champion Clubs' Cup, and the name continued until 1993, when the tournament was launched with its usual new 
name, the European Champions League.
A group of journalists from the French newspaper L'Equipe had come up with the idea of ​​holding a
 tournament bringing together the strongest clubs in Europe, and the idea was actually applied in 1955, when a tournament was launched which included a team of each. country, which is the local tournament champion, and the tournament was conducted under a knockout system. The modern version of the tournament is split between the participating teams into 8 groups, each of which includes 4 clubs, after which the first and second place teams from the groups compete in a knockout system with two home and away matches, and the competition continues until reaching the final match, which takes place from a match and the winner. In it, he is crowned champion of the European continent.

the Champions League
The most winning club in the Champions League, the history of the European Champions League is witness to both wins and losses, but the observer and reader watch the tournament's gold record as they get to know the champions of the tournament throughout history, and Real Madrid is the tournament's winningest club,

Clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League

The best clubs and elites from the European continent participate in the European Champions League, and the tournament begins with qualifying rounds until 6 clubs from these roles are eliminated to be organized into 26 teams selected from specific countries according to of their positions in the local league championship. in their countries, in addition to the champion of the latest version of the championship and the champion of the championship of the European League, and the European Football Association announces each year a ranking for the local federations, and this ranking governs the clubs participating in the 'UEFA Champions League, according to the following:

The top 4 clubs participate in the national league standings in the countries ranked 1 to 4, namely Spain, England, Italy and Germany, and all of these teams qualify directly for the group stage. without entering the qualifying rounds, and the local leader is in the first level.

The champion of the European Champions League and the champion of the European League will participate in the group stage of the first classification.

Champions from associations ranked 5-10 participate directly in the Group League, and finalists from each of the countries ranked 5 and 6 also participate in the Group League. The best players in the UEFA Champions League Since the Champions League has witnessed the participation of the strongest clubs in the world, it must have witnessed the participation of a number of the most distinguished and best players in history, but there are a number that are reaching remarkable numbers, such as number of posts and number of goals, and what the most important players participating in the tournament over the past 20 years are:

Lionel Messi: In the European Champions League with Barcelona, ​​the Argentine star scored 112 goals and managed 32 assists, and won the title 4 times in 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is the Champions League's all-time top scorer with 127 goals, and has won the title 5 times, with Manchester United in 2008 and with Real Madrid in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 .

Seedorf: The Dutch star is the only player to win the Champions League with 3 different clubs namely Ajax, Milan and Real Madrid.

Ryan Giggs: Welsh midfielder Ryan Giggs has scored in 16 different versions of the Champions League during his career with Manchester United, which sets him apart from any other player, and he won the title twice in 1999 and 2008.

Casillas: Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas was able to be part of the team that won the title 3 times in 2000, 2002 and 2014 with Real Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane: Frenchman Zinedine Zidane appeared in the last game of the European Champions League 3 times, twice with Juventus and once with Real Madrid, and he managed to win the title with his team-mates and scored his famous goal in the final match against Bayern. Leverkusen.



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