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HCG Shots for Weight Loss Is it Safe and Effective?

HCG Shots for Weight Loss Is it Safe and Effective?
Another day of workout and still no improvement on your weight loss program? I suggest that you don’t give up as you are not the only one who are suffering from weight loss plateau. Millions of people around the globe are considered overweight which happens to lead to many disease and health complications. If you quit on your dieting or workout program, you are driving yourself into a more desperate but riskier move with regards to your weight loss issues.

Yes, most people that are tired of their tremendous battle against weight gain to no avail are targeted individuals that will try anything just to lose weight. This includes surgical procedures and hormonal shots such as HCG. Is this way of weight loss treatment effective or just a pure hype?

Earlier while surging the Internet, I’ve read a nice article on the Oprah Winfrey’s official site about HCG and it encouraged me to write the same article topic in this blog. Since I never wrote any HCG weight loss program in this site, this is the right time to do so. You are also probably wondering about the true nature of HCG, its benefits and side effects did you? Well, let me give you an in-depth look at this kind of weight loss treatment so that you won’t have to read other online magazines again.

What is HCG

HCG is an abbreviation for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”, a hormone specifically produced during pregnancy via the placenta cells which main function is to regulate embryo development and initiate some influence on other hormones. HCG helps ease the production of progesterone which results to the breakage of abdominal fats which will serve as energy for the fetus.

That is the role of HCG but how it became an alternative treatment for weight loss? Well, similar theory is suggested to work for people that are not pregnant, giving way for HCG shots (via injection) weight loss remedy. The average pregnant woman produces an approximately 1 million IU of HCG daily, while the HCG shots for weight loss will only provide up to 170 IU per day. There is a significant amount of dosage obviously.

Some health professional and weight loss experts suggests that HCG injections will stop food cravings, allowing patients to continue a low-calorie diet without spending too much energy. The claim became one of the hottest debate in the weight loss industry as more research tests proved that the hormone doesn’t shown any positive effects with regards to halting appetite aggression.

HCG Shots for Weight Loss

HCG was first researched for weight loss in the 1950′s led by Dr. Simeons but it didn’t work out. In 1977, Dr. Simeons reached a crucial discovery that shows similar effectiveness of placebo injections and HCG treatment of obesity.

However, Dr. Simeons work was countered by other researches including a meta-analysis in 1995 led by the Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine in Netherlands. The research concludes that HCG has no relative effects on weight loss nor fat-redistribution, nor does it reduce food cravings or hunger. Until today, there are no conclusive studies that shows HCG’s effectiveness with regards to weight loss management.

In the United States, HCG is not FDA approved and all HCG products must clearly state that there products are not clinically proven with regards to obesity treatment. Even if it did work for some patients, it could lead to side effects. Such health complications can be disastrous because HCG stimulates the ovaries and may trigger inconstant functions of ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone. This leads to the formation of ovarian cysts or may even develop cancer in the long run. So the risk are higher compared to natural weight loss programs.

HCG Shots – Effective or just plain Hype

hcg shotsAs exposed earlier, HCG should not be included on your alternative weight loss program. Whatever plateau you are in, you should continue your journey into the more safe and natural weight loss regimens. HCG is not a miracle product that could make you lose more pounds in a week without physical and dieting efforts. Although there are various HCG centers that provide hormone weight loss treatment and products, the effects could be more harmful than just weight loss. Plus, these centers utilizes different HCG treatment procedures which also requires tremendous dieting discipline and workout plus, less people are testifying for its positive effects. Meaning weight loss could be just for short-term.

People claiming that HCG helped them lose weight are mere marketing strategy to promote HCG products and services. This type of treatment is one way to make profit and take a big share of the weight loss industry pie. HCG injections won’t going to help you burn calories or fat nor will help tone or build you muscles. It will not also going to help alleviate your appetite or hunger cravings as what are advertised for most HCG products. HCG will more likely constitute to different obesity health risks instead of getting weight loss benefits.

If you still want to try HCG, then I suggest that you take it only for supplementation and not your main regimen for slimming. It must conjunct with your dieting program and physical activities to effectively lose weight. To learn more on how to get a well balanced and nutritious diet that will effectively help you achieve fitness, then you have to try Amanda Hamilton Diet Secrets. She is an expert dietitian from UK and will certainly help devise a personalized diet for you. Click below for your free dieting trial course.

Make sure that you consult your physician first before you take any HCG products or shots. You have to discuss your medical history to ensure your health’s safety with regards to HCG application. Reported side effects are dizziness, headaches, allergies, triggers stress, depression, inflammation on the injection site, restlessness, fever and many other serious illnesses mentioned above. See your physician immediately once you develop any symptoms of these conditions. Either way, you should consider a healthy alternative such as Amanda Hamilton’s dieting course. It is safer and a health-pro weight loss approach.

Other alternatives for HCG Shots

Instead of concentrating more on HCG Shots and other expensive HCG products, I suggest you try other alternative weight loss regimens that are equally effective and clinically proven safe – diet pills. Yes, dieting pills are the top products of the weight loss market. It garnered over a billion dollar in revenue last year and more customers are considering diet pill supplementation than any other means of weight loss support. This means that diet pills are 100% safe and effective for consumption and you are guaranteed for a money back feature once you don’t lose a pound. Below are my suggested diet pills that will certainly help you lose weight.

In summary, weight loss plateau is not the best reason to try hilarious and unsafe methods of losing weight. You don’t have to try any surgical procedures or HCG shots just to hope a slimming success. You have to think out of the box why you are not shedding pounds with your current weight loss program. If you are dieting or intensely working out in a gym, you have to ask yourself other factors that contributes to your weight gain such as your calorie intake, exercise time spent and many others. Once you found the right formula to help speed up your metabolism, then you can easily overcome your battle against weight gain.

How about you? Do you have any experiences regarding HCG or any other weight loss programs? Share it with us through commenting below. You might just help other readers of this blog to lose weight from your positive experiences.


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