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Is Endoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Safe

I’ve undergone endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures to examine my stomach and my large intestine. This was mainly due of irregular bowel movements with abnormal stools. The result was all negative and it turns out that I was only suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Endoscopy or colonoscopy are not surgical procedures but rather a complex diagnostic procedures that primarily identifies irregularities in the digestive system particularly in the stomach and large intestines. But did you know that endoscopy can also be used to treat obesity? Lets find out more.

endoscopic weight loss surgery

The word “endoscopy” literally means to look inside the body for any medical reasons. This is done thru the use of an endoscope, a cable-like instrument which uses a fiber optic light equipped with a small camera.

Based from my experience, the procedure starts by spraying some type of anesthetic in the mouth to make it numb in preparation for endoscope insertion. Once the instrument is inserted, the physician can look inside your body thru its camera. Depending on its purpose, endoscope can look into your esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, respiratory tracts and many others.

The patient may require a drug-induced sleep if the procedure is unbearable. Otherwise, if the patient can handle the endoscope insertion, the physician will proceed with the patient fully awake. If difficulty arises during the procedure, a borescope will be used to have feasible observation of the subject organ.

The physician will look into a large monitor while performing endoscopy thru its tiny camera. I still remember how the procedure went through via this monitor. This monitor enables physicians to operate inside the body, through small incisions. They can take biopsies or any other abnormalities found inside the body, which are important for testing and planning for future surgical procedures.

There are dozens of surgeries that can be used with endoscopy. However, it needs more medical tools instead of relying only to endoscope, which includes forceps and scissors. Surgeries such as face-lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentation and neurological surgeries are all using endoscope.

Endoscopic surgery however is not risk-free like any other forms of surgical procedures. It may cause infection, anesthesia reactions, nerve risk, blood vessel damage and other risks. But studies suggests that endoscopic surgeries are more beneficial and may even outweigh all the risks involve including weight loss surgery.

How Endoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Works

Is Endoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Safe
Through the years, bariatric surgery and other weight loss surgeries already benefited from endoscopic surgery techniques. The use of endoscopy for weight loss has given more praise due to its lower risks and quick recovery.

The procedure starts similarly like the traditional endoscopy, where the endoscope will be inserted inside the body. The endoscope however is equipped with surgical tool which is intended to make small incisions inside the stomach. This type of surgery is much less intrusive compared to traditional abdominal incisions. This latest medical intervention to weight loss surgery is called Transoral Gastroplasty or TOGA.

Toga procedures starts by inserting the tool thru the mouth and goes directly into the stomach. Once inside the stomach, the physician will start to create a pouch-like modifications of the organ, stapling portions that will reduce the stomach’s size. The result? Once your stomach is reduced, the amount of food that can be eaten will be limited and you will feel fuller even if you eat a small meal.

The recovery is so quick, you won’t even notice that you just had a surgery. This is why most overweight individuals prefer this procedure because it offers less risks compared to any other surgical methods

Is Endoscopic Weight Loss Surgery for You

Since it’s incision-free, this method of weight loss surgery is one of the most in-demand. It doesn’t pose any threat of scars and offers quick recovery. If you want a quick fix on your eating regimen to result in a good weight loss, then this method is for you.

However, endoscopic weight loss surgery will cost you thousands of dollars. Plus, WikiPedia addressed some risks about bariatric surgery. Although TOGA is an innovative technique compared to the traditional bariatric procedure, it’s still in the developmental stage which means that its full potential might be either more positive or negative effects.

In my opinion, endoscopic weight loss surgery is a great way to lose weight but it’s not worth the risk. Although there is a big marketing hype with regards to its features, it’s still considered a surgery where body modifications occurs. When you do change something with your body, it’s not reversible! You don’t want to suffer for the rest of you life would you?

One more thing, the main purpose of endoscopic surgery is to limit your food intake by reducing the size of your stomach, which is very attainable without having to undergo this very expensive procedure. You can very well control your appetite by just taking appetite suppressants such as Unique Hoodia or Phen375. Both of these pills are clinically proven safe and effective so you don’t have to opt for a more expensive and much riskier weight loss surgeries.


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