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Is Coffee Fattening
Each of us have our own favorite beverages that we always drink. This includes energy drinks, coffees, teas, colas, milk drinks and alcohol drinks. All these beverages have its unique blend that quench people’s thirst.

However, you need to identify the best drink that won’t harm your health, especially with regards to weight gain. Commercial drinks such as colas, alcohol drinks and even teas are formulated to taste better for your tongue. This could mean that some of its ingredients have too much sweeteners or sugars that will increase your calorie intake.

Today, some beverages are branded healthy for you while some are even marketed to help you slim. Since I already gave you some facts about beverages from my previous post, let us concentrate more in one of the most loved beverages of all time – coffee. Can this beverage make you fat?

Coffee and Weight Gain

is coffee fatteningIs coffee making you fat? If you are overweight and you drink coffee three up to fives times a day, then you will probably assume that coffee is the main cause of your weight issue. Well, most researchers suggests that coffee is indeed fattening, only if you are used to binge coffee drinking.

Caffeine, a main component of coffee that has many reputations with regards to weight loss. Although most are theoretical in nature, people perceives coffee in general to be harmless with regards to weight control. You may also see some weight loss products that contains caffeine as an active ingredient.

No, coffee won’t make you fat! Pure black coffee won’t make you fat but commercially blended coffee will. Adding some creamer, syrups, sugar and sometimes milk or chocolate makes coffee a bad beverage for you. A habit of drinking cafe latte from Starbucks several times per day will certainly add up to your total daily calories, which will eventually lead to significant weight gain.

Skinny Science Coffee published a more detailed information about coffee’s weight gain mysteries. Including personal testimonials and clinical studies, the article suggests that drinking coffee several times per day will stimulate your appetite and promotes unhealthy diet.

Researchers have identified the reason why coffee can contribute to weight gain. The main cause are the disruptions of glucose metabolism that impairs blood glucose homeostasis. When this disruption occurs, it activates fat storage hormones such as insulin and lipoprotein lipase (LPL). So indulging yourself to coffee speeds up this process.

This biochemical disruptions can be caused not just by coffee, but all beverages that contains caffeine. Coffee triggers an acute insulin-insensitive effect in both healthy and overweight individuals and in some cases, with type 2 diabetics.

Coffee and Weight Loss Conclusion

Coffee has tons of health benefits including antioxidant properties and many others. If you want to reap all these benefits while avoiding weight gain, you need to control your coffee consumption to 1 cup a day and avoid commercialized coffee drinks including decaf brands. Black coffee is much more ideal for your weight loss program.

You also need to avoid caffeinated drinks such as colas. These beverages are high in calories which will be a big burden on your metabolic rate. To fasten your body’s ability to burn calories and fat, avoid caffeinated drinks.

So coffee is not that bad if you know how to control your cravings for it. If you are used to drink two or more cups of coffee a day, then it will be hard for you to lessen that number in an abrupt manner. You need support such as an appetite suppressant like Unique Hoodia, to effectively help you control your coffee cravings.


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