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Is it Okay for Children to Follow a Diet Plan

Is it Okay for Children to Follow a Diet Plan
diet plant for childrenA diet plan for children? This may sound ridiculous as most parents only wants the best for their child, especially with regards to foods. However, obesity in children has struck the societies like a plague, affecting millions of children worldwide. So if your child is visibly overweight, what are your options to make them stay healthy?

Over consumption of calorie foods that are abundant in fast food chains makes our children fat. But depriving your child from their favorite delicious foods may have an adverse effect on their well-being. So it all boils down on how you handle your child’s health properly.

There are hundreds of ways to get your kid’s interest in healthy foods and this should not be considered a big task for you. You need to apply a different approach when dealing with your child’s food preference. Sometimes you need to look at different perspectives to be able to divert your child’s perception of fruits and vegetables.

One way to do that is to involve your child to kitchen tasks such as food preparation and cooking. Be strategic on your methods like naming your vegetable soup as “shrek soup” and many others. Relating their favorite hobbies like cartoon characters will help spice up their interest to healthy foods.

But the still the best way is to conduct an “educational” food talk with your child, discussing mainly the benefits and harmful effects of various foods. Getting the best heath advice across to your child can help a lot, especially for his health improvement.

Dieting can be Fun

Dieting can be Fun
Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean that you will starve your kid by food restriction just to lose some pounds. That is not the right way to treat child obesity. Remember that you need to bring fun into dieting so that your child won’t realize that he’s already on a diet.

The proper way is to plan the right eating program for your child, with the right food of course. Most of us are already aware that junk foods and processed foods are bad for our children’s health. Replace these foods with natural, healthy food choices that tastes just as great.

Pennington Nutrition Series for example, has published an alternative healthy diet for children, including a personalized food pyramid for different age group. This can give you basic ideas on what you can serve for your child’s daily meals. To give you a sample dieting plan, consider the following food list.


- wholte grains, fruits, oatmeal with raisins
- whole milk, fruit shakes


- chicken soup, macaroni cheese, baked potato, apple or banana

- distilled water


- tuna pasta, salmon steak with rice, lean meat, egg, mixed vegetables

- juice drinks, coleslaw

In-Between Meals

- fruit chips, homemade popcorn, fruit or vegetable salad

- chocolate drinks, low-fat ice cream or a low-calorie yogurt dip

Food preparation is a different excitement as you know you are making a perfect meal for your child’s health. Following a strategic approach like I stated above, will definitely help to ease up your task, giving you a lesser challenge and simple changes.

Planning a good dieting plan for your child is just a matter of creativity and resourcefulness. Even if you are a busy parent, you can schedule every meal ahead of time, making sure that your child will not miss a single meal. You can also apply portion size control along with the diet itself. This will ensure that your child get’s limited calories from every meal.

Summary on Diet Plan for Children

So is it okay for children to follow a diet? The answer is definitely yes! Never bore your children with the same foods over and over again but instead, vary your food preparations that includes healthy foods, snacks and drinks. This way, your children will enjoy their every meal while getting the health benefits that they deserve.

How about you? Do you have any opinion with regards to this topic? If you want to share your own version of diet plan for children, then this is the right time to shine! Share it by commenting below


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