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Are Bananas Good for Weight Loss

Are Bananas Good for Weight Loss
Fruits are known to contain fibers, vitamins and essential nutrients that are essential to health. But with regards to weight loss, you will see different opinions about the true slimming benefits of these natural foods. Does fruits delays weight loss?

I had written a few posts here that pertains some of the best fruits which are said to help in weight reduction. This includes apple, acai berry and coconut. One controversial fruit that has numerous theories about weight loss is banana.

Are bananas good for weight loss? You probably aware that this fruit has plenty of potassium and fiber to offer you, but can it help you on your weight loss endeavors? Lets discuss it further for your fitness information.

Bananas and Weight Loss Facts

Bananas and Weight Loss Facts
are bananas good for weight lossEvery fruit has its own qualities, which can be beneficial depending on your health necessities. Bananas are often regarded as the best source for potassium, but there is more from banana than just that. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence linking bananas to weight loss, there are some visible proof that it can help you lose weight.

The National Agricultural Library published a complete nutritional data regarding bananas. As you read that page, you can see that it contains almost a complete list for vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin B6. This only shows that banana is one of the most ideal fruit for your health.

One evidence that bananas can help your slimming program are its calorie content. A single, large ripe banana only contains 105 calories at most. The National Library accounts for this fact, which constitutes to only a fraction of your daily calorie intake that is impossible to cause weight gain.

Bananas doesn’t have protein which most fruits have. However, bananas have less fat and consists largely of fiber which are both meaningful if you want to lose weight. A ripe banana has said to consist only a half a gram of fat and about 4 grams of fiber. This means that bananas are also beneficial for your digestive and cardiovascular system due to these facts.

Dietary fibers are also known to help you feel fuller in a longer period of time, keeping you from overeating during meals or in-between meals. Mindless munching is one of the culprit of weight gain, so banana fibers are natural appetite suppressants.

Another factor that marks banana as a weight loss food is its glycemic index. Glycemic index is the representation of how quickly carbohydrates are released into your body. Foods that has low glycemic index helps stabilizes your blood sugar levels, which sends signals to your brain that you should control your eating.

Banana is one fruit that you can add to your dieting regime. In a special report by European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 138 individuals have been subjected to fruit and vegetable diet for a limited time period. Researchers concludes that diets high in vegetables and fruits have significantly produced positive results with regards to weight reduction, where bananas accounts for about 126 grams of that diet per day.

Does Banana Diet Leads to Weight Loss

Like any other fruits in the market, bananas are indigestible carbs plus a perfect package of dietary fiber, will lead to a more controlled eating habit by feeling much fuller. This means that eating more bananas can help maintain your calorie intake at a normal level even if you eat more foods.

The question is this, can banana alone make you slim? There are people who follow as strict “banana diet” which they claim effective for weight loss. But what are the facts regarding this diet? Can banana diet help you lose weight or it’s just a pure myth.

Any fruits has no potential risk for weight gain compared to any other foods, bananas are one of them. But this doesn’t mean you can eat bananas all day and expect a weight loss miracle.

You probably heard that too much of everything is not good especially with regards to your diet. Eating too much fruit, such as bananas can even cause you to increase your weight or may trigger a weigh loss plateau. Bananas contains complex carbs and are high in sugar. Although natural ingredients compared to commercial white sugars, it is better to prevent making bananas as your primary dieting regime.

Another cause for concern is your banana diet preparation. Here in Manila, we have lots of food recipes for banana and all of them are pretty delicious. Adding some ingredients such as brown sugar, peanut butter and many others will definitely increase your calorie intake. If you fry a banana, then you get some cholesterol which will increase your risks of heart disease.

Conclusion on Bananas and Weight Loss

Weight loss can be achieve through proper calorie management, not with a specific food diet such as bananas. You have to burn every calories you consume through regular physical activities, only then you can get some positive results.

Again, you need a healthy and well-balanced diet to achieve optimum health. If you want to know how to choose the right diet, then please read my previous post – Tips on Choosing the Right Diet.

It’s time for you to share your thoughts on this issue. Do you have any slimming experiences with regards to bananas? If you do, then I encourage you to comment below


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