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Health Risks of Obesity

Health Risks of Obesity
Are you suffering from overweight or obesity? I have been writing some of the best and dependable information on how to overcome this type of health problem in this site. This includes weight loss tips, obesity issues, diet pills, workout programs, dieting plans and many others.

Obesity is a world wide epidemic that affects anybody regardless of age. If you don’t know if you are obese or not, use my body mass index calculator. Today, I will discuss a deep emphasis on the health effects of obesity and why you should act now to reduce these effects to your health. You probably knew some of the risks of being overweight and this article will give you more information that surrounds this topic.

Different Health risks of Obesity

Have you ever seen an obese individual aged 65 and above? You probably never seen one because being obese shortens the human lifespan by about 56%. But being big is not the ultimate factor why these people’s life expectancy is relatively shorter than average ones. It’s because of complications.

Yes, obesity is the root cause of many known deadly diseases today and what is worse is that, over two-thirds of adults are subjected to these health risks. Not only that, approximately 25% of today’s children including teens are also suffering from obesity. A research also said that obesity is much more worse than smoking, drinking and other bad habits.

Factors such as genetics, environmental contributors, lifestyles, less physical activities and unhealthy diet all lead to weight problems. This is the reason why this epidemic is increasingly alarming which leads to over 300,00 deaths per year in the United States alone. What are the health risks that are directly related to obesity?

There are many diseases that are associated with obesity. Below are the common health risks if you are obese or even overweight.

Type 2 Diabetes

If you have too much fat around your waist, then you are subjected to type 2 diabetes. The condition is commonly related to central obesity, which makes the body to form an apple shape. Type 2 diabetes is also triggered by insulin resistance, which is also one of the health risks of obesity.

If you are obese, the function of insulin of transporting glucose into cells (muscles and fats) are eliminated, thus making the fat cells more resistant to insulin than muscle cells. So once your body resist insulin, then you are now a prime candidate for diabetes.

High Blood Pressure

Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is a common condition for overweight and obese adults. Too much weight gain triggers this condition and are much more prone to people with central obesity. High blood pressure is also a sign of other underlying conditions such as cardiovascular diseases.

Heart diseases

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), congestive heart failure and many others are all caused by too much weight gain. Unhealthy eating which is also a triggering factor of weight gain, is the number one enemy of the heart. It can also increase your cholesterol and triglyceride levels which produce cardiovascular problems.


Stroke or commonly known as brain stroke (cerebrovascular accident) is another common risk if you are obese. Most overweight adults suffer from stroke for at least twice in their lifetime. Stroke strikes when the supply of oxygen in the brain is disrupted due to the rupture of the blood vessels.


Prostate, breast, colon, skin, mouth, thyroid and many other types of cancers are all related to obesity. Having too much accumulation of fats translated to a higher risks of this serious diseases.


Are you having serious pain at the upper right part of your abdomen? If yes, then you are probably suffering from gallstones. Obese individuals are prone to gallstones because of their high levels of cholesterol in the body. These excess cholesterol will eventually form a crystal like stones which are possible to grow bigger from its original form.


Arthritis is a joint inflammation that is caused by uric acid accumulation in the blood. Gout and osteoarthritis are the most common kinds of arthritis that affects obese people because of high uric levels.

Other conditions that are caused by obesity are sleep apnea, breathing difficulties, asthma, kidney problems, fatty liver, cirrhosis and many others. Fat people are also subjected to more injuries and discrimination, which lessens their self-confidence and self-esteem. So it is not just physical risks, but it also affects emotional and mental health.

Not only that, studies shown that obese people spend more with regards to medical requirements than fit and healthy people.

How to lessen these health risks?

Weight reduction is the key to lessen or even avoid these health risks. Get a simple and healthy lifestyle to start losing weight. Get more exercises or any physical activities along with balanced and healthy diet. You may browse the contents of this site for more information on how to effectively lose weight fast.

Also your local government should give public awareness on obesity’s deadly health effects. Measures should be implemented such as education guidelines, bad lifestyle control (drinking, illegal drugs and smoking awareness), enforcement of health laws, yearly medical check ups, and even taxation of foods that leads obesity (fast food chain products, canned goods, etc).

If your government foresee the many benefits of weight reduction to its people, they will give health their priority. Obesity and its relationships to chronic conditions can be controlled or reduced compared to today’s numbers. Without the obesity, more and more people will enjoy or improve their quality of life.

How about you? Will you contribute your story to help in the reduction of obesity cases in your area? Did I miss something on the health risks above? Your contribution is valuable to us and we highly appreciate your opinion. Please leave your comments below and let’s start a healthy conversation!


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