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Ways to Tackle Obesity if You Have Asthma

Ways to Tackle Obesity if You Have Asthma
Having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more and asthma can be a challenge when trying to lose excess weight. People who are obese and have asthma may struggle to lose weight because of their breathing problems.

Asthma is breathing difficulty that occurs due to inflammation within the airways or bronchi tubes. The inflammation may be triggered by various stimuli causing the muscles to tighten in the airways and more phlegm to develop that narrows the airways and restricts breathing. The chest becomes tighter and tighter and, if not treated, an inability to breath may be fatal.

Weight loss options for asthma sufferers

Asthma sufferers do have options if they are obese and are trying to lose weight for better health. These options include:

Dietary changes

Asthma may be improved by avoiding certain food allergens that may trigger bronchi inflammation, such as sulphite preservatives, wheat, shellfish, diary, soy and eggs. Not all affected by asthma suffer from allergy to foods; however asthma and obesity may be improved through changes in diet recommended by a professional dietician.

Lifestyle changes

Smoking, alcohol consumption, carbonated and caffeinated drinks, and large meals may irritate the airways leading to inflammation. By changing these lifestyle habits and replacing them with healthier options, such as alternate beverages and smaller meals, asthma may be improved giving more energy and control over appetite.

Breathing exercises

Breathing during exercise is important to deliver oxygen to the muscles for movement. Learning breathing techniques for asthma, such as the Buteyko Method, may help asthma sufferers regulate their breathing better during physical exercises.

Light physical exercise

Asthma sufferers often cannot play intensive sports due to breathing difficulty. Light stretching exercises with stable breathing patterns improves fitness and aids in weight loss. Yoga may be an option for those with asthma.

Asthma management

Asthma may be managed through medications such as oral corticosteroids, however these corticosteroids may impact appetite control leading to obesity. Receiving advice about asthma medications and weight loss from a medical practitioner may help give those with obesity more choices in appetite control and losing excess weight.

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is an option for those who qualify due to obesity, however where asthma is also present, medical guidance should be gained to determine if such treatment is right for a person with an asthma condition. Weight loss surgery helps with appetite control and diet management.


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