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Hip Hop Abs Dance your Way to Fitness

Hip Hop Abs Dance your Way to Fitness
Do you love to dance? If yes, then you probably knew how to benefit well from dancing which includes shaping up your body. Dancing is a great body workout that can really help lose some pounds as well as building muscles and staying fit. I once wrote a dancing activity here entitled Belly Dancing, which is another great exercise especially if you want to show off your dancing talent.

There are different types of dancing routines that you can do if you want to shed some pounds while enjoying every minute of your workout. This includes classical dance, ballet, ballroom dancing and of course the hip hop dance. One dance routine have become so famous over the last five years and that is Hip Hop Abs.

Hip Hop Abs was created by BeachBody celebrity trainer Shaun Thompson (commonly called as Shaun T), the same fitness trainer who choreographed the best selling “Insanity” workout series. Shaun created Hip Hop Abs in February 2007, a workout that was designed to sculpt your abdominal area. Since United States is typically a hip hop country as I may say, Hip Hop Abs is an instant hit and became America’s number one fitness program on Television.

Shaun actually grouped his workout into two – Shaun T’s Fit kids Club which is designed for young kids ages seven and up, and Get Real with Shaun T which is designed for teens. In 2008, Shaun released Rockin’ Body, a calorie-burning cardio workout and full-body sculpting program. But if you want some intense or should I say “extreme” workout, then you have to try Shaun T’s Insanity workout. It is a method of exercising strenuously for about 4 minutes and then rests or cools down for less than a minute before starting all over again.

Does Hip Hop Abs work?

I must admit that I also tried this particular workout with my wife several years ago and I can say that it is an enjoyable yet effective calorie burning exercise. Most of the dance moves targets the abdominal area, which is the simplest way to work that abs. But over all, it’s a great cardiovascular workout that can definitely help you lose weight and get in shape.

Through lightweight hip-hop dance moves, it really helps you to sculpt your abs in a more painless way. Unlike doing the usual crunches and sit-ups that cause back pains, dancing with hip hop abs will surely tone your abs into a monster six-packs that you are dreaming of for years. And with the influence of hip hop music, it will push you to groove much harder than the usual.

This workout is not just for people who know how to dance, but for all people who want to lose weight. The dance moves are clearly demonstrated by Shaun is a step by step sequence, so you won’t be left behind in any of Hip Hop Abs workout (besides you can stop and rewind!). This workout is not just for abs, it also promotes whole body workout which is good for your heart and other health conditions.

Hip Hop Abs only requires a home theater system (TV and DVD set) and you are ready to go. You can do it at your own home, at school or the gym for group workout. So if you want some private exercise, Hip Hop Abs is the right regimen for your weight loss program.

You can purchase all Hip Hop Abs workout series in its mother company – BeachBody Aside from Hip Hop Abs, BeachBody also offers other exciting workout program which includes P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, as well as some dietary supplements. You may take a glimpse of Hip Hop Abs thru a YouTube video below.

Hip Hop Abs Dance
If you purchase Hip Hop Abs, you’ll also get a nutritional diet guide straight from Shaun T. This will help you to moderate your eating habit to support your dance weight loss routine. Remember that in doing this workout, no one is actually teaching you so you better follow all the guidelines from this package to ensure that you will highly benefit from your weight loss investments.

Also, I suggest that you consult your doctor first before you do any Hip Hop Abs workout. This is an important reminder especially if you have health conditions like hypertension, heart disease, back injuries and many others. It is crucial to ensure your health safety before you do any weight loss program including this type of dancing exercise.


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