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Getting fit is everyone’s goal because we all want to live a longer life. But the sad thing is, most people don’t have time to really have a quality exercise due to their busy schedules and lifestyles. The result – overweight or obesity.

While some people don’t have time for exercise, others works hard during training and they even take steroids just to make their muscles bigger than average.

One reason why people are not working out is that, they are too bored with the same cardio exercises over and over again. In contrast, offering them a unique and a whole new way to exercise will sure gonna change their attitude towards fitness.

I want to share to you one of the best workout site that you could visit to help diversify your workout routines. I am talking about Now this site has become an authoritative entity in the fitness world. Want to know why? Read on.

I will make my review a little short to drive you faster to the videos below, and I am sure those videos will rock your world!

Okay first off, this website (it is actually a blog) is an online fitness guide that offers a wide range of workout videos and unique fat-burning articles that you could highly use for your weight loss program. It is updated daily to satisfy your hunger for fitness. Once you visit the site, you will surely going to stay a while and you will definitely regain your interest to fitness.

Not only that, also offers foods, recipes and dieting information for a complete fitness program. So you are not just busy for physical wellness, but you also consider your dieting plan for much effective weight loss.

The site also gives details on different kinds of workout equipments that you can use such as interval timer, sandbag, dip station, skipping rope and many others.

You might think that is only for females as their models are mostly women. is for both sexes as all exercises are designed to work the core, upper and lower body including arms and legs. Routines are for both beginners and seasoned fitness experts.

One bodyrocker that is a big inspiration is Alexis. Her dramatic weight loss is very impressive. See the image below for her before and after snapshot.

The best part about this site is that, most videos are long enough to give you some training ideas unlike just searching for YouTube fitness videos. What is more interesting is body rocker Zuzana, who became an instant celebrity through She is like the face of this site and many are fascinated about her workout ethics and how she sculpted her body into an almost perfect one. is also the home for some of the best fitness trainers in the world, so you are not left behind with the latest exercise routine. These trainers can motivate and encourage you to workout, which will challenge you to strive and reach your fitness goal in no time.

Below are some of the workouts that I gathered to give you short previews. Of course, you may go directly to if you want to watch their full list of workout clips. For the meantime, below are some of the videos that you can practice at home.

Abdominal workout

Abdominal workout
This ab exercises will surely work your stomach and will help develop some abdominal muscles. So if you are dreaming of a six pack abs, try these workouts at home.

Leg workouts

Want to work your butt and legs? These routines will surely help improve your lower body parts.

Dive Push Up workout

Want some diversity on your push up routine? The video above is called “Dive Bomber Push Up”, one of the innovative exercise routines that made famous. Try it and you will surely feel the difference of conventional push up from this modified version.

Tease It workout

Tease It workout is a 6-minute exercise routine that is consist of ab crunches, bicycle, hip thrust, leg climb, leg lift, V-rock using sandbag, mountain climbing. If you are looking for a complete exercise program, try this simple Tease It workout package.

Yin Yoga workout

If you thought that you will only learn traditional fitness routines, think again! also offers other types of activities such as Yin Yoga. Yoga is proven effective for health improvement as well as for weight loss. Try the routines in the video to start your first yoga experience. Review summary

As I’ve said earlier, is a complete fitness guide for both male and female who want to achieve slimmer and rockin body. Equipped with the latest workout routines through videos, images, articles and many others, you will surely not going to be bored with fitness ever again!

Not only that, with gorgeous body rockers parading every videos, it will surely sizzle your butt to start working out immediately. Trainers are top-notch and the best in the industry which will thoroughly guide and support you to become a workout monster yourself. is a great site and I always browse this site for more fitness tips. I encourage you to do the same as you will surely learn a lot from this informational site. If you love fitness and you are looking to take a step further on your exercise program and totally improve your health


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