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What is South Beach Diet
Good day to all my the followers of Another day of a busy week isn’t it? Well for those who are into weight loss management, I hoped that the first few posts of this blog has helped you in many ways on how to lose weight naturally. After all, this blog is intended for people who has the desire and passion to get in shape, be fit and healthy.

What I have in store for you today is about South Beach Diet, a known and effective way of dieting program that promotes health and fitness. This short article will introduce to you the definition of this type of diet, who invented this program and how it basically works. So keep an eye on this article as I am about to show you the importance of south beach diet on your weight loss program.

What is south beach diet?

South Beach Diet is a popular diet plan invented by cardiologist Arthur Agatston and dietician Marie Almon. It aims to be an alternative approach to low-fat meals which gained popularity over the last decade. The original plan is to prevent different heart disease but it turns out to be more beneficial in over all health. Since its inception in the early 2000s, south beach diet has been known as one of the many diet regimens which is designed specifically for weight loss management.

The term “South Beach Diet” was even made popular by Rodale Books through his book with the same title. His book was an instant hit in the United States especially at the area of Florida and Hollywood.

Why south beach diet is so popular?

Because of Dr. Agatston’s successful treatment on people with cardiovascular problems, he later found out that his recipe was effective in weight loss. While his plan was really not unique like any other diet regimens, south beach diet is focused on replacing bad carbs and bad fatty foods with good carbs and healthy fats. In simple term, south beach diet uses high fiber diet and low carbohydrate rich foods as its main diet regimen.

Dr. Agatston discovered that hunger was not initiated by carbohydrates alone but through carbohydrate-rich foods which the body digests quickly. This phenomenon is one of the reason why people who love junk foods have higher levels of blood sugar. His research was too simple and evident by just observing the lifestyle of Western culture which live in a type of diets that are mainly composed of processed foods, sweets and dairy products and too much intake of meats. This type of eating habit promotes diabetes and obesity.

In contrast, south beach diet aims to take your carbohydrate-rich foods out of your daily meals and replace it with a more natural and unprocessed foods which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and many others. This is why south beach diet is very similar with Mediterranean diet, but with less sugar content.

South beach diet program doesn’t mean that you must not eat carbohydrate-rich foods. It aims to lessen your intake or with moderation. Glycemic index can help identify your carbohydrate requirements. This index is used as a method of measurement for the effects of carbohydrates on the blood sugar levels. The more faster the carbohydrates are absorbed during digestion, the higher the glycemic index mainly because of the rapid production of glucose in the bloodstream. Otherwise, the glycemic index will be lower if the absorption is much slower during digestion.

What made people fats?

Dr. Agatston’s theory benefits both science and his profession. It further solidifies that trans-fats and saturated fats from junk foods can make a person gain weight faster than any types of eating habit. It also promotes heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Applying south beach diet not only prevents you from having health problems but also win your battle against weight gain.

Additionally, “bad fats” does not entirely constitutes to the hunger cycle but rather contribute well on elevating your LDL cholesterol levels. This highly results to obesity and heart diseases. South beach diet replaces LDL cholesterol with HDL (good fats) cholesterol based diet.

If you want to learn more about south beach diet, I suggest you ask your local fitness clinic or a dietitian for more detailed information with regards to this unique diet.


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