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Treadmill Weight Loss Benefits

Treadmill Weight Loss Benefits
Looking for home-based cardio workouts? Well, most of you will probably think of an equipment such as treadmill right? Treadmill is the most sought after workout machine that are ideal for home use and most workout conscious individuals have this at home. Today’s article will focused on treadmill’s benefits and how you can help yourself shed some pounds with this highly dependable machines.

Why Treadmill?

treadmill weight loss benefitsThere are lot of new innovative workout machines that are designed not just for cardio, but for the whole body workout such as the Resistance Chair Exercise system and many others. But still, treadmills are still the best choice and in-demand fitness equipment worldwide. People love this machine because it gives them workout quality that they cannot find in any other fitness machines.

Treadmills are mainly used for cardiovascular conditioning exercises, endurance and stamina training, speed and of course weight loss. One of the best thing that treadmill provides is that, it can be placed at your own home where you can comfortably exercise on your own. This can be very useful especially if its rainy season were jogging outdoors is impossible unless you want to get wet. Other benefit is that, you never have to worry about being chased by a dog while you run outdoors (trust me this is a big problem by most runners).

Treadmill is also ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight. Whether you an elderly, adult, young kids, obese or slim, all types of individuals can enjoy the many benefits of a treadmill workout. Aside from these primary introduction, what are the benefits of treadmill?

Benefits of Treadmill workouts

Benefits of Treadmill workouts
There are three basic benefits of treadmills – walking, jogging and running. All of these cardio exercises can be done using any types of treadmills. Another good point is that, you don’t need a special talent to use a treadmill, unlike boxing, swimming or weight lifting that requires skills and guidance. Other enticing features includes the following.

Program Variations

If you thought that treadmills are just another cardio equipment, think again. Trendsetting treadmills of today are designed to produce different program variations for your body workout. This includes inclining and decline positions to simulate natural road conditions such as going up and down hills. This feature can also improve your stamina, endurance and leg muscles. Other features is that, treadmills can be used for interval training by increasing or decreasing the speed to your preferences. So all in all, treadmill is not just for cardiom, it’s a total weight loss regimen.

Less Impact

Modern treadmills have some sort of shock absorber that helps reduce joint stress while running. You can comfortably run on a treadmill with less worries of muscle injuries and strains due to this feature.

Treadmills also allows you to work at your own pace, giving you freedom and less force to finish your workout. Treadmills are also ideal for burning calories and fat because that is what the machine was built for. It also helps improve your body posture, relieves stress and a good mood stabilizer. The more consistent you use your treadmill, the more you lose calories and the more you lose weight.

Treadmill Workout Program

Treadmill is an effective tool if you know how to program your workout well. You have to take note every details of your workout such as schedules, duration, intensity, calories needed to be burned, and many others. Also, you need to consider a healthy and balanced diet and other simple cardio exercises that you can add to your treadmill exercise.

Depending on your abilities and workout capacities, the more you exert effort on using your treadmill, the better. It will boost your metabolic rate which helps you to burn fats more quickly and effectively. You can start a 15 minute jog per day and increase it by 5 minutes every week. Practicing a consistent workout will surely develop good stamina, perfect breathing and excellent heart rate.

You have to take note of the treadmills speed. You need to increase it depending on your state. You can also use incline positions for more challenging exercises that could also help burn more calories as well. Just remember that you should take longer time on your treadmill as your workout level improves. Take note on every improvements you achieve as this will help you to motivate to work more and lose weight.

Treadmill Summary

As of now, you now probably understand how you would use your treadmill correctly to achieve its many benefits especially weight loss. Remember that you need to have discipline and motivation to succeed in order to reach your weight loss goals.

Are you a treadmill addict? Share us your experiences and help others overcome their weight loss plateau. You’ll never know, you may even win a friend by doing so.


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