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What is Cohen Diet
Cohen Diet is one of the oldest form of diet program and was invented by Dr. Rami Cohen, a hormone research specialist which is initially a cardiologist, then became an obstetrics and gynecology expert. While he handles couples on how to initiate pregnancy thru different means such as artificial insemination, Cohen noticed the obesity’s impact on the body, which he researched thoroughly and ended up to his patented “Cohen Diet” regimen.

This type of weight loss diet is now a world-renown diet with an estimated success stories from over 40,000 patients worldwide. It is now often marketed by celebrities and athletes as part of their diet program.

Cohen Diet principles

Dr. Cohen had a unique understanding with regards to obesity as a disease. He based his work on hormonal imbalances within the body which causes weight gain. Bringing the hormones back into balance through proper and nutritious diet that can effectively prevent any weight issues.

Like any other diet, Cohen’s work also requires strict physical activities and lifestyle changes. Cohen Diet supports individualized eating plan which no specific foods are excluded. However, foods depend on your eating plan which may support your weight loss program.

If you want to apply this type of eating program, you need to undergo blood tests. Blood testing is a fundamental aspect of Cohen diet which is the main basis of formulating your own ideal eating plan. Blood tests includes sugar levels, liver functions, cholesterol levels and many others.

Cohen Diet benefits

Unlike any other kinds of diets that only deals with obesity, the main goal of this eating program is to reverse the effects of hormonal imbalances which aims to treat obesity. This is the reason why most people experienced positive results in weight loss using Cohen Diet. Other reported health benefits are the following:
  • relieves heart burn
  • prevents high blood pressure
  • helps cease food cravings
  • treats irritable bowel syndrome
  • reduced cellulite
  • promotes fertility
  • good for asthma
  • prevents menopausal symptoms
Although these reports are positively encouraging, Dr. Cohen himself doesn’t provide the exact scientific evidence which will show that a blood test-based diet plan works. Plus, the diet costs a little too expensive (more than $200 per plan) than home-made diet regimens. If you want to try this diet, I suggest you try other alternative and low cost diet program such as Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Secrets. She will directly make contact with you to guide you on your weight loss diet journey.


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