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The Striking Differences Between an Aftershave Lotion and a Balm

The Striking Differences Between an Aftershave Lotion and a Balm

The daily morning ritual of shaving is incomplete without applying an aftershave. It is normal for the facial skin to become rough after every shave as it comes in contact with harsh chemicals in the shaving cream. That is why an aftershave is recommended as it makes the skin smooth and firm. Simply put, aftershave formulations help calm agitated skin. It can also certainly help to combat razor bumps  caused by shaving on slimming tips.

Aftershaves available in the market are manufactured mainly in lotion and balm form. The following Buzzle article differentiates between the two types of aftershaves

Lotion Vs. Balm


♦ Aftershave lotion is essentially a runny liquid

♦ Typically, aftershave balm is sold in cream form.

Alcohol Content

♦ Aftershave lotion contains substantial amount of ethyl alcohol. In most cases, the content of ethyl alcohol in aftershave lotion is around 50%, but sometimes, the product may contain up to 90% ethyl alcohol.

♦ The level of alcohol in aftershave balm is very less―just 2 to 5%. However, quite a few brands manufacturing aftershave balm do not contain any alcohol. Simply put, alcohol-free balms are also available.


♦ Many men find aftershave lotion more invigorating as it has a strong fragrance. The fragrance is often described as powerful and captivating. The strong scent associated with the lotion can possibly make men more attractive and alluring.

♦ Compared to the lotion, the aftershave balm is delicately fragranced, which is actually soothing and pleasing to those who do not like a strong scent. In fact, quit a few users find its subtle fragrance comfortable and more refreshing.

Antimicrobial Agent

♦ Ethyl alcohol, the key ingredient in aftershave lotion is well-known for its disinfectant properties. Ethyl alcohol is capable of destroying different types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is an excellent skin antiseptic that can keep the skin and cuts protected after shaving.

♦ Although aftershave balm contains small amounts of alcohol, its keys ingredients, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and aloe vera, act as antibacterial agents.

Skin Type

♦ Aftershave balm with its significantly less alcohol content makes it ideal for dry skin. Also, quite a few products contain essential oils, which act as a natural moisturizer.

♦ People with dry or sensitive skin should avoid using aftershave lotion as it contains substantially high amount of alcohol. Alcohol, as we know is a dehydrating agent; it sucks out moisture from the skin. Hence, applying alcohol-based products can actually worsen dry skin. In fact, balm has been formulated for sensitive, dry, and normal skin.

On the whole, choosing between an aftershave lotion and balm is a matter of preference. Many have reported the balm to be soothing to their skin, owing to their low alcohol content. Of course, there is no harm in using a lotion if you have normal skin. However, if you feel that your face is getting drier due to the regular use of lotion, you can switch over to aftershave balm to help keep the skin moisturized and healthy.



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