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Sleep Apnea and Obesity Dual Health Threat

Sleep Apnea and Obesity Dual Health Threat
The current obesity and overweight statistics in the United States alone is about 65%, a much higher number compared to previous years. This outbreak affect millions of people with different diseases which include heart problems, diabetes, hypertension and many others.

One of the complications of having too much weight is sleep apnea, which is considered as a greater health threat if compared to other conditions. Over 12 million adult Americans are experiencing sleep apnea, most of them are not aware of having this condition.

Now getting rid of those unwanted fat is already a daunting task. But, if you are suffering from sleep apnea, your obesity treatment has become more challenging to overcome. Read on to learn how you can win this battle in order to improve your health and reduce your weight.

How Obesity can Cause Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea and obesityFirst off, sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects breathing. The person’s upper airway closes which lead to pause breathing intervals during sleep. This irregularity in breathing during sleep is a serious condition and should not be ignored if diagnosed.

In various studies, over 80% of obese people are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, which are due to over accumulation of fat that affects that air-passageways and lungs, which is another reason why obesity is also linked to asthma. However, most of that number are said to suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea, according to some research.

Unmanageable weight condition may lead to high blood pressure and the risk of different heart problems such as heart attack. It can also affect the eyes, kidneys and other vital organs. But above all, obesity is now a major concern on the increased cases of sleep apnea.

National Sleep Foundation states that both obese children and adults are prone from having sleep apnea, and both have similar health risks. Based from the 20-year old review of obesity-related medical conditions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that hospital discharges for sleep apnea cases had increased by a whooping 436%.

Furthermore, millions from that percentage are said to be either obese or overweight. How can weight gain cause sleep apnea?

As you gain weight, the trunk and neck area are highly affected by developing fats, which disturb the respiratory process. This gives you higher risk of sleep and breathing related disorders such as sleep apnea.

The study also shows that if you are overweight and suffering from sleep apnea, you are also not motivated to exercise or do a restrictive healthy diet. This lead to weight loss plateau, a condition that keeps people from losing weight.

Not only that, sleep apnea can cause daytime sleepiness which further dampens your exercise program. Plus, obesity would not just give you higher risk of sleep apnea, but the latter could also lead to obesity. How? Because sleep deprivation (another sleep apnea effect) can slow your metabolism, disrupt your hormone levels and will decrease your body’s ability to process blood glucose.

How to Reverse these Health Risks

The safest and simple ways to reduce your risk of sleep apnea is to prevent any underlying sleep disorder and to solve your weight issues. Talk to your doctor about different treatment options for sleep apnea. Successful reduction of sleepiness can motivate you to work harder on your weight loss program such as exercise routines.
Try the following recommendations to help battle both obesity and sleep apnea:

  • talk to your doctor for medical support
  • get a personalized and healthy diet from thisĀ online dieting plans
  • ensure a regular workout program
  • examine your sleeping patterns
  • take slimming pills to help you reduce weight


If you are obese or over weight and if you think you suffer from sleep apnea, I suggest that you do my recommendation stated above. You can effectively treat any disease if you consult your doctor, eat healthy and have a consistent workout. Add some diet pill on your weight loss program and you will have a potent health and fitness program.


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