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Brazilian Slimming Coffee Is it Effective and Safe?

Brazilian Slimming Coffee
A friend of mine who successfully lost weight of about 8 pounds is bragging about yet another fitness product – Brazilian Slimming Coffee. This kind of coffee is now making a lot of buzz in the weight loss industry here in Manila. Most people claims that it is a safe and more effective slimming product.

If you are overweight and are continuously finding ways on how to lose weight, then you had probably stumbled with this product before. Brazilian Coffee is widely available online and within your local stores, so it is basically not difficult to find.

However, users of Brazilian Slimming Coffee have different opinions about its true benefits. To learn more if this product can truly help you lose weight, then read this short Brazilian Coffee review for your information.

What is Brazilian Slimming Coffee

This kind of herbal drink is made from Brazil black coffee. There are different brands of Brazilian Coffee but I would like to focus more on 7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee, the brand that is available here but is made from China. This herbal coffee had given little information to the public except of course that it is designed for weight loss.

7 Days Brazilian Coffee claims that its ingredients are clinically proven to help reduce body weight. Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) is the main ingredient of this slimming product. It is believed that hydroxycitric acid can regulate metabolism, which assists weight loss. Plus, it prevents carbohydrates from being stored as fat.

Other ingredients include caffeine, fruit, vegetable fiber, theobromine, paraxanthine, green tea extract plus added vitamins and minerals.

Brazilian Slimming Coffee offers the following health benefits and advantages:

  1. suppresses appetite and increases lipolysis
  2. pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  3. contains natural fiber for less fat absorption
  4. no artificial ingredients
  5. contains no sugar

Issues with Brazilian Slimming Coffee

7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee has various negative reviews that pertains to its health effects. First, the product doesn’t have Bureau of Food and Drugs (FDA of the Philippines) approval, which means that the product has not been tested for clinical trials set forth by BFAD.

Because of this, Brazilian Slimming Coffee is not recommended for diabetics, pregnant women, people with memory problems (dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc) and those who are under medications.

With regards to Brazilian Coffee’s effectiveness and side effects, some reports by Filipino fitness blogs such as Tickles, have positive and negative opinions. However, it is important to note that the negative effects overly outweighs the benefits. These include the following user feedbacks.

shortness of breath
chest pains
back pains
thirst feelings
caffeine side effects
heart palpitations
irregular menstruation
sleeping difficulties
excessive sweating

Is Brazilian Slimming Coffee for You

My friend testifies heavily that Brazilian Coffee is an effective remedy for weight gain and helps in weight management. However, she also said that she moderately drink 7 Days Brazilian Slimming Coffee, thinking that too much might not be good for her health.

Based from these facts, I can say that you should stay away from this Chinese made slimming coffee and stick with world-renowned slimming coffee brands such as Green Coffee. The reported side effects were big signs that you should prevent taking Brazilian Coffees. If I were you, Green Coffee is much ideal for weight loss seekers like you. It’s the coffee choice of most health conscious individuals for years. Alternatively, you can buy Green Coffee capsules by clicking the image below.


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