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Vitamin D for Weight Loss
Are you well aware about the many benefits of this vitamin D? This vitamin plays a big role in our health and it can be acquired thru sunlight and some organic foods. Today, I will discuss different information about Vitamin D and its weight loss benefits.

First off, did you know that over 65% of the world’s population is vitamin D deficient? Like any other vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body, lacking in vitamin D will be big burden to your health especially to weight issues.

Yes, according to years of research, vitamin D plays a big role in controlling your weight gain. Let me discuss first the general benefits of this vitamin.

Vitamin D Benefits

PubMed has written a detailed report about vitamin D including its definition, benefits, deficiency signs and possible treatments. Vitamin D helps strengthens the bones by managing your calcium and phosphate levels, prevents the development of depression and essentially boosts your immune system.

This compounds is being absorbed from foods or released by the skin when exposed to sunlight. So people that are not evenly exposed to sunlight have higher probability of vitamin D deficiency. This includes individuals who stays or work indoors and those people who live in places with short span of daylight.

Also, you are lack this vitamin if you suffer from lactose intolerance, don’t like to milk products or following a strict vegetarian diet.

Weight Loss Benefits of Vitamin D

As discussed, this vitamin are produced naturally by the body through sunlight exposure. Fortunately, a healthy diet can effectively supply your body with enough daily D requirements without too much sun exposure, which can boost accelerate your weight loss. How does vitamin D work for weight loss?

Vitamin D is known to be a fat soluble material, which is important in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body. If you are certified healthy and not vitamin deficient, you certainly have enough amounts of calcium and phosphorus absorption which constitutes to better health, reduced risks of diseases including diabetes and cancer.

Since its a fat soluble material, vitamin D helps improve nutrients absorption. This helps the body to enhance the proper functions of body fats, which results to fat burning process.

As you slowly increase your consumption of vitamin D-based foods, you will notice that your metabolic rate will increase which helps you to lose weight easily. Vitamin D is a necessity in every cells in the body which triggers its mechanism to launch a massive fat burning process. Simply put it this way – the more vitamin D, the more slimmer you will become!

Vitamin D-Rich Foods

Almost all types of foods have vitamin D content. Nutrition Data had compiled an almost complete information of foods that are rich in vitamin D. To give you an example, see the list below.
  • salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines
  • milk, soymilk, dairy products, eggs, cheese
  • beef, liver, kidney
  • sausages, luncheon meats, etc.
The role of vitamin D in calcium absorption is the key element to weight loss. Increasing your vitamin D diet can dramatically increase your calcium intake, which helps improve your body’s ability to burn fat. The more vitamin D, the more calcium absorption will occur, both of which results to better weight loss.

How can you Accelerate your Progress Further?

Losing weight can be extremely difficult if you are not disciplined and motivated enough to succeed. Even if you expose yourself to sunlight everyday and eat every foods that contains vitamin D, you might probably end up losing nothing and you might even gain weight in the process.

Yes, vitamin D is scientifically studied to help lose weight, but focus on the word “help“. This means that you certainly can’t lose weight in this vitamin alone but will just support your weight loss program. You still need to do different physical activities and keep a healthy and balanced diet to overcome your battle against weight gain.

Combining diet rich in vitamin D with consistent workout program will definitely accelerate your weight loss progress. Imagine how much weight you can lose if you continuously supply your body with fat burning foods together with regular exercise? This program will definitely boost your metabolism which will help burn more calories even while you sleep!

Take Supplements for much Better Results!

Do you want guaranteed weight loss? Aside from exercise and diet, you can add to your program different types of supplements that will support both your health and your fitness plan. You can opt for a vitamin D supplement if you are deficient on that department or you can get supplements that both offers wellness and fitness at the same time.

One supplement that I highly promote is Pure Acai Berry Max. Aside from being 100% natural, it offers tons of health and fitness benefits as well including being an effective antioxidant and a certified weight loss remedy. To learn more about Acai Berries, read my Pure Acai Berry Max review.

Acai Berries are rich in different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. All can help increase your energy, boost complexion, metabolism and your over all slimming progress. Combining pure acai berry max supplement with your over all weight loss program will not just help you lose weight, it will GUARANTEE weight loss!


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