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Does Sitting Make You Fat

Sounds silly isn’t it? Even a simple activity such as sitting is even considered as a health threat. Does sitting make you fat? Can it constitute to obesity? You are probably sitting right now reading this article and wouldn’t really mind the topic at hand because it quite sounds ridiculous really.

Sitting is an inevitable activity. You sit when you drive, work in an office and almost every endeavors requires sitting including leisure times. But when does sitting becomes unhealthy or a contributing factor to obesity?

How Sitting Leads to Weight Gain

sitting at workProlonged hours of sitting puts tremendous pressure on different areas of the body. Researchers suggests that up to 40% more fat are produced on those areas, adding significant weight.

This is the reason why spending more time on your couch watching TV or any other sedentary lifestyles contributes to weight gain. Lack of exercise is still the main reason why you put on more weight.

According to The TeleGraph, researchers found the main culprit of this issue – preadipocyte cells. These cells turns into fat cells and even multiplies in big numbers thru sitting in long periods of time which will eventually migrate to every major muscle parts of the body.

So sitting or resting too much can also alter your fitness program. It is important that you apply a consistent regular exercise regimen in order to nullify these cells from invading your muscles and become unwanted fats.

How Sitting Affects your Health

Unknown to many, spending too much time sitting can affect your health negatively. Because sitting doesn’t exert physical effort, it highly leads to slow metabolic rate. How? Sitting according to some research, can highly affect lipase enzyme. This compound is responsible for processing fat and cholesterol.

When you sit, the body’s normal rhythm is disrupted which also affects the normal functions of lipase enzymes. This leads to slower metabolism. If you notice, people who lacks in exercise are significantly bigger, overweight or obese? This metabolic disorder is the best explanation why more people tends to gain weight sitting.

If you have slower metabolism, your body will have a hard time burning calories and fats which will suppose to help you keep the weight off.

Important Reminder about Sitting

Whether you spend your day more on sitting due to work or any other endeavors, sitting may contribute to your weight gain dilemma especially if you have a habit of sitting after meal.

However, you should not focus on sitting alone as the main reason why you are on your weight loss plateau. The more important thing is the time you spend working out. Exercise plays a big role on how you maintain a good metabolic rate for effective weight loss program.

So to summarize it up, you should keep yourself motivated to exercise in a regular basis. Along with healthy diet, sitting won’t affect your weight at all. Also, to further enhance your chances of getting slim


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