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Can Hypnosis Help with Weight Loss

Can Hypnosis Help with Weight Loss
Every year, weight issues have been a global epidemic that became the primary concern for health organizations due to its serious health complications. More and more companies have taken this opportunity to profit from this continuous growing industry of weight loss, which is evident in today’s many slimming products, forms and methods.

With the continuous advances in science, human discovered the causes of obesity and learned how to fight against it through many means, either natural or thru medical ways. Unfortunately, even with consistent forms of education by governments across the globe, obesity persists to exist. People chooses to live with lavish and busy lifestyles in conjunction with unhealthy eating which constitutes to serious weight issues.

So if you are health conscious, you need to have a separate health program that will ensure good health. To have a good start, plan a balanced and healthy diet, a regular physical activities and take some health supplements to support your program. You may also add some forms of mind and body wellness such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and many others that will also keep your weight in check.

But there is another controversial form of weight loss that you will probably doubt if it can really help in losing weight – Hypnosis. Let me give you some details about this kind of weight loss method and why more and more people are trying hypnosis for their over all health.

Facts about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a unique psychological state showing various physiological characteristics, working at a certain level of awareness aside from being on conscious state. Hypnosis is initially performed through hypnotic induction, composing of initial instructions and suggestions from the hypnotist.

Hypnosis is also known as neuro-hypnotism or nervous sleep pertaining to the condition of the nervous system. It basically an imaginative state, induced by a fixed or abstracted attention of the mind through the help of visuals (eye senses) of a particular subject. Once hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes, it is now referred as “hypnotherapy“.

This form of procedure have said to help improve well being including emotional, mental and all other physical attributes. There are thousands of people that are now subjected to this kind of healing method mainly due to experience alternative treatment, avoiding medical or surgical treatments. Just recently, hypnosis have been introduced as an alternative way of losing weight.

Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss has been popularized by Paul Mckenna, an English hypnotist known for his several books for self-improvement. He is known as an expert hypnotist, working to help you overcome phobias, sleep difficulties, smoking, boost confidence and of course, shed pounds. His work with weight loss is called “gastric hypnotic band”, imitating the gastric banding surgery without the opening your skin.

Hypnosis works differently from any other weight loss methods that have been discussed in this site. Modern hypnosis mainly acts like sort of a program code, reprogramming your mind to eat less and do more efforts to lose weight. So this procedure deals mainly with your ability to handle things thru the power of the mind, with of course thru the help of hypnotist. Well, this approach might be appealing to you but for others, it will just be another hype.

With Paul, doing hypnosis for weight loss can be useless without his guidance which is the reason why he is promoting his book. So practically, you can’t achieve any kinds of benefits from hypnosis without the help of hypnotherapist. Furthermore, reports suggests that most hypnosis practitioners only shed a couple extra pounds using this method and eventually regained weight after they stopped the procedure.

Others say that you still need to conjunct other forms of weight loss methods such as dieting and exercise just to be able to lose weight, so there are basically no positive effects. With hypnosis being studied for the last couple of decades, it still has no conclusive scientific evidence that it helps achieve weight loss.

However, a report by Bianca Hitt showed that behavioral weight management program, if combined with weight loss hypnosis can produce great results. One of her reference, Bolocofsky, Spinler, and Coulthard-Morris (1985) reveals that combining hypnosis with behavioral weight management program helps alter eating habits which constitutes to weight loss, but the program may run at least two years to produce positive results.

Conclusion on Hypnosis and Weight Loss

As I have said earlier, weight loss industry is a big and profitable market. There are many forms of weight loss being invented each day just to get a fair share of the pie, which unfortunately includes hypnosis. Why? Because you can practically see all forms of weight loss hypnosis materials online such as audio tapes, videos, books or seminars, all are trying to make money. It’s like the “old hypnosis” branding were people think that this procedure will just take your money away from you.

How about Paul Mckenna? Well, it is all up to you if you want to try his stuff. One thing is certain, you still need to diet, exercise and do all other fitness regimens together with hypnosis just to see incredible results. So why do hypnosis if you are still going to do all the hard work? The discretion is all yours.

Yes hypnosis is all natural but it lacks scientific proof that it can really help you lose weight. Besides, practicing the right dieting program and consistent exercise are both enough to achieve fitness success. If you want further support for your weight loss program, you can take the best weight loss pills that are scientifically proven safe and effective to aid any weight issues. Go to our reviews page below to learn more.

If you have experiences or currently practicing weight loss hypnosis, please share it with us by commenting below. Your opinions are valuable to other readers and you might even help them overcome their weight loss plateau through your experiences.


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