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20 Worst Skin Habits You Definitely Need to Avoid

20 Worst Skin Habits You Definitely Need to Avoid
So you invest in only high-end products, drink plenty of water, and follow the everyday routine of cleaning your face. Still your skin is far from perfect? Have you ever wondered where you are going wrong? Or perhaps it is some skin care habit of yours which is damaging your skin?

Do you still jump into the bed without taking off your makeup or have tried every single product which promises acne-free skin in just a month? These are a few common mistakes which may seem innocent at the start, but they actually take a toll on your face and leave you with prematurely aged skin. We all commit sins towards our face, especially when you have a huge zit on your face and you are too embarrassed to step out.

We all fall into the habit of using the same product year after year even though we know it’s not improving the texture of our skin. Sometimes the product may be harming our skin. So we end up blaming our skin type and the products we use, but guess what? It’s not our skin or the products, its US. In the following sections, we have spelled out the unhealthy skin habits that stop women from accomplishing the flawless skin of their dreams.
  • Worst Skin Habits
  • Not Applying Sunscreen
  • Man Applying Sunscreen
We all realize the importance of a sunscreen, it protects us from the harmful UV rays. Sunburn is a sure sign of skin damage, but prolonged exposure to the sun has a negative effect on the skin, resulting in photoaging. Exposure to UVR has a bad impact on cells that are responsible for renewing your skin. Ultraviolet radiation accelerates the aging process, which ultimately results in wrinkles, dark spots, and age spots. Not wearing sunscreen before stepping out means permitting the sun to do damage to your skin.

Tanning Effect

A sun-kissed look is a must during winters right? But do you know the bad impact that tanning beds have on your skin? It’s one of the worst skin habits that you need to avoid. Regular tanning has a long-term cumulative effect on your skin. Even though you fancy an appealing bronze skin in winter, tanning beds are not a good option. Regular use of tanning beds means untimely aging, blemishes, spots, and sometimes even skin cancer. If you want to look sun-kissed, go for bronzers or self-tanners.

Girl Picking Pimples

“Just one more squeeze and it will be gone, what? Why does it look like I have a raisin on my face? There is a reason people study to become dermatologists. They are in a better position to treat your acne. If only popping and picking pimples could give us clearer skin. However tempting it is to pop a pimple, try to resist and avoid touching your face too much. Picking on pimples spreads the infection on your face, causing more acnes.

Guy Smoking and Girl Feeling Bad

One of the biggest skin vices, it not only reduces the blood flow in your body, but also makes you vulnerable to direct toxic exposure on the skin and in blood. Apart from this, the unhealthy habit also creates wrinkles and makes your skin dull-looking. Additionally, it increases the chances of squamous cell skin cancer.

Girl Sleep with Makeup

One of the biggest crimes we commit is not removing makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup clogs the oil glands, your pores absorb the makeup and eventually they appear larger. Also, leftover makeup can cause inflammation and will lead to acne breakouts. Additionally, greeting your pillow without washing your face is also a bad idea. Whether you wear makeup or not pollution, dirt, and oil accumulate on the surface of the skin during daytime. So always properly clean your face before sleeping.

Harsh Effect

Our facial skin is very soft, delicate, and more prone to acne. People with oily skin gravitate towards cleansers that make their skin very dry. Even though it feels like a good idea, harsh cleansers are striping the skin of all good oils. This will accelerate oil production and cause more breakouts.

Using Products in Jars

Various anti-aging products have antioxidants which break down with continuous exposure to light and air. Therefore your anti-aging products become less effective. Skin experts suggest using tube-based packaged products.

Sleeping Man with Pillow

We all need a proper 7-8 hours of shut-eye to increase our energy levels, metabolism, and promote good mood. If you are not sleeping enough welcome dark circles, puffy eyes, and a dull skin. Lack of sleep generates free radicals in our body which are not good for our skin. Plus our skin does most of the repairing work at night itself.

Girl Sleep in Cotton Pillow

Persistently pressing your face into a pillow is not good for your skin. It can be a traumatic experience for your skin which causes permanent creases. It is always recommended to use a satin or silk pillowcase, as they cause less friction. Also, wash your pillowcases at least once a week to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

Using Your Phone Too Often

I know we can’t abandon our phones completely, but maybe minimize the amount of time we talk over the phone. Our phone screen has massive amounts of bacteria, which are naturally transferred on our face while talking. It is advisable to clean your phone way too often to get rid of the dirt.

Applying Too Many Products

We all have our beauty routine set, but count the number of products you slather on your face. Some may not even be necessary, while some maybe harming your skin, rather than doing any good. If your skin has become red, flaky, and sensitive maybe you are overdoing it.

Girl Taking Hot Bath

While we all love the idea of taking a long hot shower after a long day, it damages our facial skin greatly. The skin on our face is very delicate and because of hot water the capillaries can become weak, leading to red and dry skin. The next time you feel like taking a hot bath, take care of your face.

Man Drinking and Smoking

Drinking alcohol is bad for your overall health, but it is another reason for a dull and acne-prone skin. Drinking dehydrates our body making it look dull and dry. It strips off our skin’s natural oils and it also makes the capillaries dilate. Sometimes they can burst, causing permanent damage.

Pick right Makeup Brush

Not cleaning your makeup brushes can lead to bacterial infection. Cleaning your makeup brushes once a week with a mild shampoo and letting them dry overnight will help your skin a lot.


Too much of anything is not good for us. While exfoliating once a week is good for removing dead cells and blackheads, over-exfoliating will make your skin dry, also the right type of exfoliation is important.

Man Washing Face

You may dream about having a clear skin, but washing your face with a cleanser five times a day won’t get you anywhere. Over-washing will cause cracks and dry skin leaving it prone to infections and small wrinkles.

Indulging in Sugar

Consuming too much of sugar, salt, and coffee shows on your face. Sugary foods are the main reason behind breaking down of collagen and elastin in the skin, which causes dullness and wrinkles over time. Too much of coffee and salt are dehydrating too.

Mistakes While Washing

We use dirty wash cloths to rub our face, so avoid doing that. Also while washing your face let the lather sit on your face for two minutes before rinsing. Many times we wash our face with dirty hands, which again is not a good habit. Rubbing vigorously also damages our skin to a great extent.

Avoiding Fruita and Vegies

Whatever we eat shows on our face, so if our diet is deprived of healthy vegetables and fruits and filled with junk food, you can imagine how badly it will affect your skin. While abstaining from junk food is not easy, we can minimize its intake. Fruits and vegetables protect your skin against damages. So if you want a radiant skin, stock up on tomatoes, oranges, berries, and greens.

Yoga and Exercising Girl

Workouts increase the blood circulation which in turn keeps your skin cells healthy. A good blood flow means better removal of waste products. People who don’t exercise become more prone to a dull skin.

If you are breaking out or your skin’s texture is uneven and not moisturized as you would like, then maybe it’s time to break the aforementioned unhealthy skin care habits. Avoiding these would definitely give you a radiant and clear skin.


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