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Taste Sensitivity Issues Afflicts Obese Children

Taste Sensitivity Issues Afflicts Obese Children
Obesity has struck every nation by storm, affecting millions of people worldwide. Are you one of those people with extreme fat handles? If this sounds like you, then you have another problem to deal with aside from being “big”.

Discrimination, depression, less mobility and higher risk of different diseases are just a few threats if you are suffering from obesity. Giving less attention to your weight issues may give you severe health problems in the future. One thing that researchers suggests why obese people eat mindlessly, it’s because they are less sensitive to taste, specially teens and children.

Is there really any truth about this? Let’s examine one published study to learn more about obesity’s added health concern.

Obese Children Less Sensitive to Taste

A study published by Archives of Disease in Childhood suggests that obese children are more likely to suffer from taste sensitivity issues. Done by German researchers, the study includes 99 obese and 94 non-obese volunteers with an average age of 13. All children were asked to identify and differentiate sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter tastes.

The result shows that girls are better than boys in distinguishing tastes while older children are much better in differentiating tastes than younger teens. Interestingly, there were no signs of advantages with regards to ethnicity. An average score of 12.6 for obese children while 14.1 were recorded for non-obese teens. This difference was a staggering result with regards to taste sensitivity.

This only shows that obese children have less taste sensitivity compared to those non-obese volunteers. “We think it’s important, especially for young children to get different tastes so that they can improve their taste sensitivity,” said Dr. Johanna Overberg, lead author of the said study and a pediatrician at Charite Children’s Hospital in Berlin.

The main reason of the study was unknown. However, the researchers believed that the hormone leptin is responsible in affecting both body weight and sensitivity of taste buds.


As the research suggests, if you have an obese children, they are more likely to suffer from taste difficulty compared to this healthy and fit children. It is much better to incorporate different types of foods to exercise their sense of taste which can help regulate their taste bud functions.

Aside from that, your role as a parent is to lessen your child’s weight. It is important to give them a healthy and balanced diet together with regular physical activities to lessen every health risks of obesity. Make sure that your child is the right pah to fitness as they reach adulthood. Every pound is critical to your child’s health.

If you can’t control your child’s eating habit, then you need urgent dieting assistance. If you think that it is harsh to follow a diet plan for children, think again. Children highly needs a dieting plan that will help them emphasize a good and healthy diet.

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