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The Grapefruit Diet Effective or a Quick Fix?

The Grapefruit Diet
Lots of people are cramming to find the best suitable dieting regime for their weight loss program. Finding the right diet is truly difficult especially if you are first time dieter. This post will feature another diet that focuses only to a specific fruit – grapefruit.

Grapefruit Diet is one of the oldest eating plan dating back to 1930′s. Like any other fruit diets, it offers many health benefits that will help improve your over all well-being as well as weight loss benefits. Read on if this diet is for you or just another plain hyped fad diet.

Origin of Grapefruit Diet

Origin of Grapefruit Diet
the grapefruit dietThis type of dieting program was erroneously researched through Xeroxlore as the Mayo Clinic Diet, but the clinic has no relation with grapefruit and the true origin was not documented. It became a popular eating program in the 70′s but was started in the 1930′s which is also known as the Hollywood Diet.

The claim is essentially based on the said “fat-burning” properties of a grapefruit enzyme. This diet involves a very low daily calorie intake of not over 1,200 per day restricts other essential micronutrients. It also encourages meat consumption, eggs and other foods that are abundant in fat and protein.

Grapefruit diet also encourages you to reduce your carbohydrate intake by avoiding sugar, sweet fruits like bananas and vegetables, grains and different cereals. This diet may last up to 12 days followed by a 2 days off. Below is a sample grapefruit diet video from Howcast.

Is Grapefruit Diet Safe and Effective

Just like what I always suggest in this site, too much of everything is not a good idea. Depending solely on one food source as your main weight loss diet seems more silly these days. If you look more closely on this dieting regime, it restricts you from eating numerous fruits and vegetables that contains essential nutrients, while encouraging a more fat and protein-based diet.

Focusing more on consuming grapefruits as a diet is also not ideal especially if you are taking any types of medication. Remember that grapefruit is a citrus fruit which means that it can interfere to any drugs or may pose some allergic reactions. Since it encourages a high-fat diet, it mainly increases your level of cholesterol, definitely not the suitable diet if you want to have a healthy heart.

Many experts suggests that this type of diet is also an effective weight loss regime but are not recommended for long term use. A dieter can lose 6 up to 10 pounds over a 12-week grapefruit consumption plan which also includes regular exercises. The enzymes found on grapefruit was said to help reduce the insulin levels, which constitutes to fat burning effects.

There has no conclusive evidence that will show grapefruit’s weight loss miracles. However, the fruit has low glycemic index, a proof that it helps lower insulin levels which may help dieters to control their appetite and fee less hungry. In any way, reduced insulin levels doesn’t automatically mean that you will lose weight. So consuming lots of grapefruit based foods such as juices won’t result to weight loss.

Another point to consider is that, you are actually losing water, not fat during a grapefruit diet program. Finally, most people who applied this diet regained their previous weight after they stopped taking grapefruit. So if you are looking for a “quick fix” diet, grapefruit diet might give you some success. Aside from the video above, you may also get a sample recipe ideas .

Summary on Grapefruit Diet

Again, fad diets are all over the place. Before practicing a specific dieting plan, consider doing some research first and look more in different perspectives for you to understand if this certain diet is suitable to your health and will offer positive benefits. Look for long-term benefits which will help maintain your desired weight. Don’t get scammed by quick fix diets and choose a more balanced dieting program.

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