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Foods To Keep The Hunger Away
One way to avoid over eating is to simply fill up on the right kinds of foods. That way you simply don’t have the same desire to snack or eat into excess with empty calorie fillers that will just expand your waistline.

Some foods have the right combination of nutrients that will help you achieve that full feeling quickly and last a long time. Those are both important factors. So, on your next trip to the grocery store make sure to stock up on items from this list and then grab them first when those hunger pains hit.

Top 7 Belly Fillers

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Vegetables – Any? Yes, any vegetables can be filled up on. The lone exception would probably be avocado, but most people can’t eat too many of those raw. The fact is that they have a very low calorie count and in turn provide a huge amount of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. People don’t get fat eating carrots.
Sweet Prunes
Sweet PrunesHigh fiber with antioxidants make this a great snack idea. Sweet and dried, this fruit is a go anywhere type of item.
Lentils – This is one of the best foods out there that combines folate and fiber to fill you up and keep you healthy. A cup is all you need to replace large calorie side dishes.

Fresh Fruits
Fresh FruitsAnything you can get your hands on from berries to apples are some of the best things to snack on. Grapes, pears, and more give you fiber and nutrients without a shred of guilt. Bananas would probably be one of the few fruits not on this list due to higher sugar, but still it beats a candy bar.

Lean Protein
Lean ProteinProtein takes longer to digest than fats and carbohydrates. That means you will feel and be fuller, longer. Lean options are the best in a combination of meat and vegetable sources. Think about lean chicken and bean dishes.
Soup This is a great starter for lunch or dinner. Skip the salad and pick the soup every time. Look for a broth option over creamy and select ones with filling foods inside.
OatmealThere is a reason this food is listed a lot of times as the best breakfast option. It provides long lasting energy, fiber, and is still low-density. A single bowl can keep you full for hours. You can even add some low-fat milk or slices of fruit to spice it up.

The Bottom Line

Using this list is very much a case of “Eat this…not that”. By learning to make smart substitutions in your general eating patterns you are more likely to make a long term change in how you look and feel. Far too many people rely on fad diets to try and change their lives; however almost every time, a person rebounds after the fad and falls back into previous patterns. Instead try and make small adjustments to your patterns that are more manageable.

After you swap a few things here and there you will probably notice a difference. That positive reinforcement typically leads to making a few more small adjustments and then a few more. If the cycle continues in this way it is much more likely to stick because the process is a gradual shift both mentally and physically rather than an abrupt crash.


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