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The Candida Detox Diet
Are you suffering from Cadidiasis? This illness is caused by parasitic-yeast fungal overgrowth known as candida albicans which are commonly lurks in the mouth, throat, genital tract and intestinal walls. Candidiasis is not the only disease that this fungus can produce, it can also trigger joint pain, gas and of course obesity.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to eliminate and prevent this fungus from affecting our body and it is called Candida Detox Diet. This type of diet is not just any regular fad diet known today, but it has multiple purposes that aims to solve different issues that includes being overweight.

However, many people are confused about this diet due to its strict stages that the practitioner have to apply. Let’s get more deeper into this type of dieting regimen to better help you on your different health issues.

The Candida Detox Diet Overview

The Candida Detox Diet Overview
Candida Detox Diet or simply known as Candida Diet from its official site, is a detoxification regimen that focuses on flushing out toxins from your body. Like I said earlier, this diet aims to deal with candida albicans fungus where the term “candida diet” derived from.

We all have candida albicans and a large percentage of the world’s population have candidiasis. An individual can achieve a healthy body if these fungus are limited to a lesser number. Through a healthy immune system, you can prevent the overgrowth of these fungus by the help of good bacterias. Otherwise, spread of fungus is inevitable if you have weak immune system.

Through bad lifestyles and imbalanced diet, one can be prone to candidiasis. People who love too much sweets (sugary foods), over consumption of medicinal drugs, diet that are rich in carbohydrates, less sleep and stressful lifestyles all contributes to candidiasis.

The candida detox diet is a process that can be followed by anyone. You just have to know the right and healhy foods to eat and what to avoid. But first, lets talk about its three basic stages to better understand this diet.

Stages of Candida Detox Diet

Stage 1 : Cleansing

Cleansing is the initial part of Candida Detox Diet. Without this stage, you won’t be able to treat your candida infestation. When you say cleansing, it’s not just about any liquid cleanse that I previously discussed in this site. Cleansing is required to restore your body’s previous healthy form, just like system restore on your Windows PC. Cleansing primarily helps boost the immune system which is important in eliminating fungus overgrowth.

Total body cleanse is your main objective. You need to prepare your intestines for the diet you are about to follow. This includes probiotics and antifungal treatments.

The cleansing stage can already give you some essential benefits that includes good digestion, mood stabilizer, better mental alertness and weight loss. So practicing the first stage won’t just trigger candida treatment, it will also help you lose weight.

There are two types of cleansing that you can practice – detox cleanse and colon cleanse. Detoxification cleanse is strict regimen consisting only of raw and unprocessed foods. It aims to flush out bad toxins from your body. With this program, you need to stop eating your favorite unhealthy foods that can be found in processed meats, commercial restaurant meals and many others.

Detoxification cleanse includes drinking detox drinks (twice a day), consumption of organic products, liver flush in the evening and raw vegetable meals. This process may last up to two weeks.

Colon cleanse meanwhile aims to totally eliminate candida infestation. This type of cleansing is more effective but quite draining due to its required process. Colon cleanse may last up to a week and a colonic irrigation sessions may be added if necessary.

Stage 2: Strict Diet

the candida detox dietAfter cleansing, you have to move to strict dieting program. Cleansing has regulated your gut by eliminating all candida yeast infestations as possible. This stage is the perfect time to do the right and strict dieting program, which also aims to prevent candida fungus to recur.

Dieting should be accompanied by probiotics and antifungal treatments. This is to support your dieting program, which is not enough to eliminate candida infestation. Antifungals will eliminate candida yeast by breaking its cell walls. Probiotics meanwhile will take over the candida yeast, regulating your stomach acidity and helps in the production of good bacterias.

The second stage is very restrictive but most practitioners observes good results especially to weight loss. The diet also seems to be much healthy compared to other popular but overly hyped diets.

Stage 3: Reintroducing Foods

After dealing with your candida infestation, then you need to revert back into your normal eating habits. The third stage is reintroducing foods back into your system. This stage doesn’t mean that you will go back into your old bad habits of eating, but rather a new way of long term eating plan that aims to totally prevent candida overgrowth recursion.

To learn if you totally eliminate candida out of your system, you can consult a candida expert near you. The doctor will do a complete examinations such as stool tests, blood tests and urine samples. Or you can simply do some simple techniques written on its official site here – Candida Tests.

Once you confirmed that your body is free from candida, you may now stop probiotics and antifungal regimens. Once you reached this stage, all the candidiasis signs and symptoms should have disappeared. Otherwise, you have to stick to the second stage for a little longer until all signs are clear out.

Candida Detox Diet Eating Plan

Obviously, Candida Diet means a lot of vegetable and raw foods with no sugary types of foods because yeast infestations starts with too much sugar consumptions. DebKitt has outlined an almost complete eating plan for candida practitioners to follow. As an example, below are the foods that you should highly avoid and eat during a candida detox diet.

Foods to Avoid

  1. all sugar-containing foods such as ice cream, cakes, commercial fruit juices, syrup drinks, honey and many others
  2. coffees and teas
  3. alcoholic drinks
  4. processed meats such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs and many others
  5. all white flour products such as pastries, bread, crackers and even pastas
  6. fungus foods such as mushroom, blue cheese, etc.

Foods that you can Eat

  1. antibiotic and hormone free meats (chicken, beef, lamb, game, etc.)
  2. omega-3 rich eggs
  3. fresh fish and sea foods such as salmon, shrimp, tuna, etc.
  4. natural oils like almond, corn, sesame avocado, flax seed, sunflower, pumpkin and olive oil
  5. whole grain products
  6. all types of nuts
  7. legumes such as soybeans, pinto and lentils
  8. fresh vegetables
  9. distilled, filtered or alkaline water if possible

The Candida Die-Off Effects

There are known health effects or symptoms of candida detox diet. This is the result of your candida yeast infestation treatments that came from the three stages of this diet. The die-off symptoms occur because the fungus has nothing to feed anymore such as sugars. This can also be an effect from the new system that you applied such as strict dieting and cleansing.

Candida experts says that this effects are just normal before you actually feel better. Some critics said that some die-off effects never subside and lasts longer than expected. These reports are however outnumbered by positive reviews about candida detox diet. These symptoms will likely to occur during your third week of application and possibly at the second stage.

The effects includes the following:

  • cold hands and feet
  • skin breakouts
  • severe sugar cravings
  • stress and fatigue
  • dizziness
  • brain fog
  • headaches nausea

As the report on DebKitt, these health effects are just temporary which averagely lasts a couple of days up to two weeks. However, if the symptoms persists, you need to stop the diet and consult your doctor immediately.


The Candida Detox Diet is an effective way to eliminate candida fungus and treat candidiasis. It also offers some health benefits as well because of detoxification, cleansing and dieting processes.

However, this diet is a very restrictive program, allowing you to eat limited types of foods. This is the reason why there are identified die-off symptoms that serves as a reminder to those who want to try candida diet. Also, the weight loss results are not for long-term as you slowly gets back to your old eating rhythm which also force you to gain weight in the process.

If you want to manage your weight after a candida detox, you need to continue to follow a strict dieting plan which you know is also harmful to health. Imbalanced nutrition may also cause health trouble in the long run so moderation is the key after practicing candida diet.

To learn how you can get a perfect eating plan that will provide weight loss without sacrificing your health, then you need to try Amanda Hamilton’s personalized dieting course. It is a unique dieting program specifically designed to work on your body.


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