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Billy Blanks Tae Bo Workout

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Workout

I love workout exercises that are easily accessible such television shows and DVD home exercise programs. The very first exercise program that I featured in this blog was Hip Hop abs by Shaun Thompson. This workout is a combination of dancing skills and different ab exercises that will help you shape your abs and have great flat stomach.

This time, I will discuss to you the more intense and muscle crunching workout routine called Tae Bo. Learn different information about its inventor, its health benefits and how you can get your own copy of different Tae Bo workouts.

What is Tae Bo

What is Tae Bo

Tae Bo is an abbreviation for Taekwondo and Boxing, a martial arts combination which is modified into a form of an aerobic exercise. This dancing and martial arts type of aerobics was developed by Billy Blanks back in 1976. But it only became popular in the 90′s where “cardio-boxing” or martial arts-based cardio workouts was something new to the public. The routines and moves became a phenomenon and an instant fitness hit where it coincidentally jived to the alarming increase of obesity cases.

Since Billy Blanks is a martial arts icon and a former action star, it helped a lot in promoting his tae bo workout which got tremendous success through the years. The program mainly shows martial arts movements both at rapid or slow pace depending on the routine. From the look and feel of this exercise routine, it will surely help you lose weight.

Not only that, Tae Bo also includes some dancing routines in conjunction with cardio exercises and martial arts motions. Tae Bo became a trendsetter with regards to modern fitness, which is evident on most gyms that offers martial arts-based exercise routines. Since 1999, Tae Bo sold more than 2 million sets of different video editions worldwide and still counting. You may even see some commercial video products that are marketed as “tae bo weight loss“, which shows the powerful appeal of this workout to the public.

Tae Bo includes intense punching and kicking moves that you often see in action films. But of course, Tae Bo was not created to improve your combat skills, nor it promotes fighting or self-defense. Since it combine dancing and aerobics, the primary objective is to improve your over all health and fitness.

Benefits of Tae Bo Workout

Through its official website, Tae Bo was created to combine aerobics and cardio workout concepts which could benefit the soul, mind and body. This means that Tae Bo is not just for physical wellness, but also for mental and spiritual balance.

Like any other known exercise programs, Tae Bo is a complete workout that you could highly depend on your fitness regimen. With its fast and intensive movements, it highly promotes strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, cardiovascular fitness and many others. It will help tone all your muscles and shape your body to your ideal figure. But of course, to achieve that, you need tip top discipline and motivation to succeed.

Most reviews gave Tae Bo high ratings because of its easy to follow workout videos that can help beginners to benefit from simple Tae Bo routines. From simple to complex moves, different Tae Bo workouts will effectively tone and define every muscle parts of your body. Making you more sexier, fit and physically healthy. Other benefits includes the following:

  • improves balance
  • develop flexibility
  • improves strength
  • enhances body coordination
  • perfect for any weight loss program
  • improves the immune system
  • increases your speed and accuracy
  • develops self-confidence and self-esteem

For weight loss, Tae Bo is no doubt one of the best physical training that you can use. Intense martial arts motions are proven effective in burning calories which helps boost your metabolic rate that will promote fast weight loss approach by the body. Apply a high energy Tae Bo workout for at least 1 hour and you can burn up to 800 calories compared to only 400 calories burned from a traditional 1 hour cardiovascular exercise.

Tae Bo Workout summary

Based on the video above, you can see how intense and an effective calorie burning regimen Tae Bo can be. It’s simple, precise and offers whole body workout that ensures effective weight loss than most celebrity-based fitness program.

To achieve a higher probability of fitness success, you must conjunct a balanced diet and a food supplement that will support your weight loss regimens. I have compiled the best, trusted and clinically proven weight loss supplements that will help you shed pounds as natural as possible, without any side effects.



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