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Get Lean Legs By Doing These 5 Moves

Get Lean Legs By Doing These 5 Moves
Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one looking to get lean legs. One of the top goals of many women who’re entering the gym is to get a lean set of legs that they can feel proud to sport in a pair of shorts or even a skirt for the summer.

To make sure that you do the correct exercises to reach you goal, you should research what leg slimming exercises are available.

You will then be able to add the effective exercises into your fitness plan.

Let’s have a quick look over the top moves that you should consider so that you can achieve this goal to get lean legs in record time.

Five Moves To Get Lean Legs

Five Moves To Get Lean Legs
1. Lunges

The first exercise that is important is lunges, this exercise helps lengthen the leg along with giving them a defined appearance. Lunges will even help to maintain your balance as well as working the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

You should do two sets of these during each workout, you can perform them by walking across a room and back.

Squats can get lean legs you always dreamed about
2. Squats

The next movement is squats, these can help give you quick results. Squats are an indeal exercise to undertake as they help you develop considerably more strength, they are also often known as a compound movement which means it targets every muscle in the lower body. By adding a little more lean muscle mass to your frame, you’ll increase your total daily calorie burn and therefore have a much easier time shedding the fat.

3. Rear Leg Raises

If you are wanting to firm the backside, rear leg raises are just right as they target that area. By doing these physical exercises you will not be increasing in size, they are ideal as they help to tone up the bum region.

Add uphill walking into the workout plan to get lean legs

4. Uphill Walking

Uphill walking offers lots of different benefits and thus should be added into your workout program to get lean legs. The first benefit it is also possible to experience is the burning of calories, as well as strengthening your lower back muscles. Running can impact the lower back, therefore if you do suffer from back pain these exercises are ideal.

5. Deadlifts

Last but not least you can use the deadlift exercises, these really should not be disregarded as they really are perfect for firming up your bum while strengthening the lower back and core muscles. During the rising phase you need to maintain a flat back position as this would stop you from developing lower low back pain, you must also squeeze up from your glutes and use the bum muscles to perform it.

Above are the recommended movements that may be included with your lower body workout for the best results. If you can do these three days per week, you are going to be one step closer to get lean legs you’re looking for.


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