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Fastest Way to Burn Calories through Everyday Activities

Fastest Way to Burn Calories
fastest way to burn caloriesKeeping a steady workout program for weight loss is a tough and challenging task especially if you are suffering from obesity. You need to apply discipline and strict attitude to be able to maintain your workout ratio. Without consistency, your efforts will all be put to waste and you will have to start all over again if you opt to continue in an irregular manner.

I wrote several articles in this site which I have reiterated the many benefits of a usual daily activities. Such activities can help burn more fats and calories that can lead to slow but effective weight loss regimens. A regular daily routines can actually help you burn as much as 300 calories per day and is more commonly called as “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”. Thermogenesis is a body process in which the energy is transported, converted, transformed and stored. This energy are used during our daily activities excluding exercises, sleeping, eating or anything that is intended for physical workouts are all under non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

Activities for thermogenesis includes cleaning your room, watching television, reading books, working on your computer, doing the laundry and many others. These simple workouts are often taken for granted for its health and fitness benefits and unknown to many, doing thermogenesis activities can highly increase your metabolic rate.

So if you are so bored of working at the gym just to burn more calories, then I suggest that you read this article as I will discuss the fastest ways to burn calories through everyday activities.

Everyday activities that burn calories

Everyday activities that burn calories
According to some dietetic reports in the US, some household activities can effectively burn calories without any intense efforts. Below are some of the activities that you can burn as much calories as possible.

  1. Gardening – 150 calories
  2. Cleaning the house – 110 calories
  3. Strolling – 100 calories
  4. Mowing the lawn – 200 calories
  5. Family activities – 140 calories
  6. Watching television – 30 calories
  7. Biking for an hour – 260 calories
  8. Cleaning the car – 60 calories
  9. Doing the laundry – 40 calories

Not satisfied with the number of calories burned? Well, you can actually double that number by doing multiple in-house activities throughout the day. How? You need to spend more time working other physical activities and reduce the time you spend sitting and reading books which only burns less calories. Add the following tips for more thermogenic activities.

  • Walk the stairs
  • Play with your dog
  • Walk more often instead of driving
  • Cook your own food rather than dining at expensive restaurants
  • Wash the dishes
  • Socialize more with your friends and colleagues
  • Spring clean your closet
  • Do some house repairs
Everyday Activities
So thermogenesis calorie burning activities can really help your weight loss program. The more you move, the more you get slimmer. Together with your personalized dietary program, doing your everyday activities can effectively help you lose weight naturally. Plus, thermogenesis activities can be a precursor approach to better improve your workout performance. Before you know it, you already increased your stamina, endurance and strength, making you ready for a much more stiffer workout challenge.

Do you have something to share with us regarding this topic? Your thoughts and opinions are valuable and I encourage you to leave your comments below. Lets start a healthy conversation right now and help others lose weight naturally as much as possible.


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