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Advantages of Having a Health Insurance

Advantages of Having a Health Insurance
medical and financesThere is no permanent in life except change. And changes in life is very unpredictable. If both your finances and health status is so uncertain, what can you do to protect yourself from any inconveniences?

Most people reach seniority stage without any medical or health protection, leaving them with limited, or sometimes no medical care. Third world countries such as the Philippines, are hunted with this kind of national problem for decades.

Complete medical attention is a necessity, especially with today’s unlimited number of health risks. If you are still health and young, you should start thinking about your future’s health right at this very moment. And there is one possible solution that will give you peace of mind – health insurance.

Suitable healthcare is what everybody needs to live a healthy and longer life. Health insurance can definitely assist you on taking care of these medical expenditures. So if you are overweight, you better get yourself an insurance health policy immediately to avoid any obesity-related diseases. Below are the advantages and benefits of being insured with regards to health.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Benefits of Health Insurance
Health insurance is a dependable necessity that will protect you from any unwanted medical emergency situation. Health insurances varies, basically, you often choose the type or extent of medical coverage that is suitable for your health, before you avail a health policy.

Most people receive health insurance from their work, but if you are unemployed, then you have to pay for your own health policy. To encourage you to get insured, below are the reasons why you need a health insurance.

Different Types of Health Insurances

Different Types of Health Insurances
There a different types of health insurances that you can choose to protect yourself from life uncertainties. If you foresee insurances as the least important necessity or just a big burden on your finances, then you need to think again as there are insurances that are perfectly affordable for your budget.

Some of the insurances that you can avail are life insurances, medicare, trust funds, term life insurances and whole life insurances. Yes, all of these insurances can protect you from unexpected emergency cases.

Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care
There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Well, this is actually true. All health insurance companies offer preventive care on their policies, which will shield you from those expensive physical examinations such as X-rays, blood chemistry, ultrasound, CT-scan, MRI and many others.

Mental Health Care

A few years ago, mental care is not often included in health policies of most insurance companies due to various reasons. But you will now see mental healthcare coverage on most insurances today. This covers mental consultations with psychologists and psychiatrists.

Eye Care

Vision health insurance is also now offered by most standard or premium policies by some companies. The benefits includes free eye consultation, contact lenses, eye glasses and any other services.

Medical Consultations

A ten-minute visit to your family doctor could cost you $80 to $100. But the good thing about having health insurance is that, consultations are often covered or you only pay for less, or for an unadjusted rate.


You probably know this one is coming. Yes, hospitalization benefits is what health insurances are known for. For those who are often admitted in an hospital, you certainly knowledgeable that a day in a hospital could cost you at least a thousand bucks. This could cause a big hole on your pocket especially if you are not ready for some immediate medical expenses.

But if you have health care provider, it will shoulder up to 90% of your hospital bill. Furthermore, there are companies that usually have an annual maximum out-of-pocket amount, which exceeds thousands of dollars. This means that the insurance company will pay 100% of your total hospitalization costs.

Medication Drugs

Losing extra money because of your maintenance drugs? It is true that 52% of budget of most elderly people goes to prescription drugs. So if generics are not available, you need to endure those expensive medications that will cripple your finances.

With health insurance, your medication drugs expenses can be reduced in significant amounts, sharing the entire prescription drug costs with the insurance provider. So the next time you look at some insurance policies, always choose prescription coverage on your health policy.

Summary on the Advantages of having a Health Insurance

So health insurance should be on your necessity list to avoid any inconveniences on both your finances and health. It will protect you financially and emotionally from sudden emergency health situations.

So aside from losing weight to achieve health and fitness, why don’t you avail a health insurance today and completely ensure your future with regards to health and finances.


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