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Facts about Weight Loss Surgery

Facts about Weight Loss Surgery
Being obese and overweight makes some people so desperate to lose weight. The more they tried, the less pounds they shed. So is weight loss really impossible to some people? Or is it just a matter of self-discipline and motivation?

Occasionally, people with tons of weight issues are often misguided about many factors of weight gain. This includes calorie intake, the body’s metabolic rate, age and of course family history. These people thought that weight loss is a simple endeavor with just a couple of workout each day and a liquid cleanse fasting regimen. Unfortunately, that is not how weight loss can simply be achieved.

The result? They become desperate of a quick solutions and one of the best way to lose fats is to remove them out of your body literally without any workout and dieting efforts. This kind of weight loss is called surgical method.

What is Weight Loss Surgery

According to WikiPedia, weight loss surgery or scientifically known as Bariatrics, is a branch of medicine that is focused on obesity’s treatment, causes and prevention. This kind of treatment overcomes all other weight gain remedies such as dieting, exercises and different therapy approaches.

According to reports, weight loss surgeries are more scientifically proven and much successful approach than any other weight loss program because it resolves most issues that constitutes to weight gain. To give a better explanation, below are the types of surgeries that can help aid weight loss effectively.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Surgeries are the most sought-after method for weight loss followed by diet pill supplements. Patients of bariatric surgeries experience sudden drop in weight due to a bid reduction of ghrelin, the hormone that initiates hunger. A patient can also reduce his or her calorie intake by restricting bread and sweet foods. But the mortality rate of bariatric surgery are relatively low and most results are not conclusive to show similar results. Surgeries may increase or decrease mortality rates.

Gastric Bypass

This type of bariatric surgery deals with the reduction of the stomach size which limits the amount of food that you eat. Not only the stomach but the small intestine as well are modified. The goal is to redirect the foods you eat to bypass most parts of the stomach and the initial part of the small intestine. Gastric bypass is the most practiced weight loss surgery in the US and the results are said to be more profound than any other types of surgeries.

Gastric Restriction

Gastric restriction or banding is a surgical method that aims to decrease the amount of food you eat by closing a certain part of your stomach. This bariatric procedure are reportedly more safer, simpler and less invasive than all other weight loss surgeries.

Malabsorptive Surgery

This method is to shorten the length of your small intestine which limits the quantity of food digested or absorbed. This causes malabsorption that leads to weight loss. Malabsorption surgery is also recommended to diabetic patients as it restricts the absorption of nutrients and calories which constitutes to a normal glucose level.

Jejunoileal Bypass

Jejunoileal bypass is the oldest form of bariatric surgery that was first performed in the 1950′s. The aim is the detach and set to the side a part of the small bowel, approximately 30 cm up to 45 cm in length. However, this type of surgery is less recommended because of dozens of side effects and health complications.

Gastroplasty Surgery

Known as vertical banded gastroplasty, is a medicinal procedure that is similar to gastric bypass surgery. Gastroplasty aims to redirect the digestive system by stapling vertically the upper part of the stomach. This helps minimuze the size of the stomach and leads to restriction of over consumption of foods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Loss Surgery

People that suffers from extreme obesity have less options with regards to treatments and bariatric procedures are the only shot they have. Good, effective and fast weight loss results awaits you if you are highly considering bariatric treatments. Before you consult your doctor about possibilities of this kind of obesity treatment, let me give you some of the advantages and disadvantages of bariatric surgeries.


Hundreds of studies shows that surgeries are by far the best solution for overweight and obesity. Approximately 65% of researches conclude that weight loss surgeries provides long-term results which can span up to ten years and above. If you are looking for long-term weight loss, then you have to consider this benefit.

Another benefits is that, surgeries highly reduces the risks of health complications according to some credible clinical studies. So you are not just getting fit and slim, you can also prevent some of the most serious health diseases such as diabetes, stroke, disability, sleeping problems and heart disease.

Lastly, if you are fit and not overweight, you will certainly improve your quality of life. You can enjoy your life much better than being an obese. You can avoid discrimination and criticisms that are forever linked in obese people.


There are mainly dozens of reasons why you shouldn’t take weight loss surgery even though it promises a more effective and fast weight loss results. According to some reports, the actual procedures of different bariatric surgeries are not the main concern, but the post-operative risks instead.

While there are thousands of positive testimonials about surgeries, the truth is, it’s not ideal for everyone who needs to shed pounds fast. There are a lot of risks that are overlooked by the media and the general public itself.

Gastric bypass procedure for example can result to a potential staple line failure, other procedures can cause chronic diarrhea. Other reported side effects of bariatric surgeries are ulcers, blockage of stomach, vomiting of food, foul smelling stools, flatus, higher risks of nutritional deficiencies and micronutrient deficiencies and many others.

People with poor health history or currently having any medical condition are all not qualified for any weight loss surgeries. Other inconveniences of post-surgery are frequent follow up check ups, possibly follow-up surgery, development of gallstones and nutritional deficiency. Just think about the expenses that you will incur once you have undergone any surgeries mentioned above.

Is Weight Loss Surgery for you

More and more positive results are reported with regards to surgical weight loss procedures. The time will come that all disadvantages will be outweighed by the advantages which seems so inevitable considering the big business industry of weight loss. But if you love your health and body, you need to think twice before you decide to take any surgery mentioned above. It is more high risk than any other natural weight loss methods.

I suggest that you consult your doctor first if you really need bariatric surgery. His recommendation is highly important which is both beneficial to your health and finances. I suggest that you try any other means of fitness program before you think of surgeries. Do you want to staple your stomach just to lose weight? Of course not!

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Aside from a dieting course, I also recommend only the best weight loss pills that you could ever find online. These pills are clinically proven effective and safe for your weight loss program and will ensure long-term success.

Weight Loss Surgery summary

Weight loss surgeries are tempting and a very attractive method for weight loss. But you have to think out of the box. Most testimonials could only be for promotional gimmicks only and will harm your health more than good. Try the more low-risk weight loss programs and you will have more satisfaction and peace of mind.

Now that you know important facts about weight loss surgeries, it’s time for you to share your experiences with regards to this topic. Your opinion is valuable to us and may very well help other readers to achieve proper weight loss through your experiences.


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