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Weight Loss Benefits of Yarrow

Weight Loss Benefits of Yarrow
If you are looking for ways to achieve weight loss, then you probably searched for hundreds of herbs out there that can support you with that endeavor. The truth is, there are many herbal products that are marketed worldwide to help you lose weight but most of them are just all hype.

Products such as green tea, fiber herbs and many others are all known to support weight loss. But did you know that there is one herb that is exceptionally known effective for weight loss? That herb is called Yarrow.

What is Yarrow

Yarrow is a flowering plant that has been used in various medicinal purposes. It is used by Chinese, Saxons, native Americans and also in Ayurveda for its many health benefits. It belongs in the family of Asteraceae with scientific name Achillea Millefolium. The plant is grown in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Yarrow has significant agricultural use such as soil erosion prevention due to its drought resistant properties. The plant is also an insect repellant. It is also used in herbal militaris due to its ability to restrict the blood flow from wounds or any injuries. Other names for yarrow are old man’s pepper, milfoil, soldier’s woundwort, thousand-leaf and thousand-seal.

Health Benefit of Yarrow

There are few people who know the many health benefits of yarrow. Herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners are thoroughly looking for positive effects of yarrow on human health. Reported health benefits includes treatments for headache, colds, toothaches, earaches, fever and various inflammation.

Yarrow has been known for its healing properties. A research by the University of Maryland Medical Center about yarrow suggests the many healing benefits of this unique plant. The reports includes the following diseases that can be treated with yarrow.
  • measles
  • diabetes
  • ulcers
  • internal bleeding
  • chicken pox
  • thrombosis
  • eczema
  • muscle spasms

Yarrow for Weight Loss

This plant became more popular because it was linked on weight loss. With the weight issues, people are scrambling to get the latest product or information that could help them lose weight. Aside from that, people want organic and natural products to depend on and yarrow is a plant, a gift from nature.

Yarrow has been said to be diuretic and is known to help boost metabolism which is why it is highly regarded as a weight loss herb. Like any other slimming products, yarrow has said to effectively decrease your appetite which leads to less eating.

The reason why many people believed that yarrow can help aid weight loss is that, it helps the body to release more water and sodium. This means that yarrow can help take excess fluid and toxins out of your body through urination and decreased appetite.

Because of yarrow’s popularity, many pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to make more profit. Today, you can find various yarrow weight loss products that is in the form of dried plant, pills (capsules or tablets), tinctures, teas and liquid extracts.

Because of commercialization, it tainted the actual reputation of the plant which is now more of a business. If you think that yarrow is all but good for your health, let me discuss to you its disadvantages.

Possible Side-Effects of Yarrow

Like any other herbal plants, nothing is perfect. All the good praises about yarrow are mostly hearsay which lacks scientific or clinical evidences that will truly prove its effectiveness and safety. For most health experts, they advice that you take any herbal medicine moderately, avoiding long-term use. Prolonged use can trigger side effects, allergic reactions and will react with other medications or herbs.

Also, too much yarrow intake can increase your body’s lithium level, which can be harmful if not stopped. Yarrow may also interfere with different medications that includes:
  1. sleeping pills
  2. stomach acid drugs
  3. blood-thinning medications
You have to consult your physician first before you take any herbal products including yarrow. This is to avoid any health complications in the future.

Alternative Solution for Weight Loss

Since yarrow is highly regarded as a dependable herbal product, it has its shortcomings. It needed more scientific proof that it is safe to use and effective for various health treatments. Otherwise, you need to take the more safer route to fitness.

As I am saying in this blog many times over, controlled and balanced diet, together with consistent exercise will seal the deal for successful weight loss. To start a well-balanced dieting plan, enroll at Amanda Hamilton Dieting Secrets course for free. Enjoy a 7-day free access to dieting courses that are designed specifically for you.


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