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Salty rice Can it Make you Fat?

Salty rice Can it Make you Fat?
As a Filipino, we are thought to eat rice permanently in our lifetime three times a day. It is actually the most important agricultural crop in the Philippines and we have all kinds of rice – brown, red rice, black rice and white or refined rice. So the question is, can rice make you fat?

This question is simple to answer as we know that rice is rich in carbohydrates and a good source of calories that our body needs everyday. However, refined rice such as the one that is widely available anywhere is the kind of rice that you should moderately eat. White rice can cause insulin levels in the blood to increase which result to fat production. Brown and red rice meanwhile are both nutritious and health friendly. So let us take a look more deeper regarding this weight issue about rice.

white riceFirst off, we need to consider the daily value of carbohydrates that our body can absorb daily. This value plays approximately around 80 grams of carbohydrates daily. So if you eat white rice in the morning then you had a cereal light snack at noon, your daily intake of carbohydrates might exceed the limit. Once this occurs, then the excess will be converted to fat.

On the other hand, brown and red rice are known to have positive effects on blood sugar levels which help regulates glucose levels in the blood. Since both of these rice are fiber rich, it can help prevent fat storage and control weight gain.

In summary, rice is a sure nutritious food especially brown and red types of rice. If you love white rice because of its delicious taste, you need to eat moderate amounts of it to avoid adding some calories to your bellies. Start to work out daily to keep your metabolism balanced. Remember to choose the more healthier brown and red rice. Both of these are unrefined and more natural than white rice which gives more health benefits and prevents unwanted weight gain.



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