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Obesity Issues Why I can’t Lose Weight

Obesity Issues Why I can’t Lose Weight
Why I can’t lose weight? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Most overweight and obese people are asking this similar question over and over again. Despite their dieting and physical activity efforts, they always failed to acquire good results.

Obese men and women are full of secrets and they usually don’t share any ideas about themselves to the public, even in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. With regards to their diet, they are also cheating themselves whenever they visit a dietitian, nutritionist or family physician, by not telling how they eat and the frequency of their diet regimen.

Aside from not telling the exact causes of their weight issues, one of the main reason why obese people can’t lose weight is because they depend too much on different diet programs which is not designed to help them physically. Plus, they totally ignored the importance of exercise.

Dieting is not the only reason why other overweight people successfully won against obesity. Changing a bit from your normal eating habits which commonly avoids essentially known as “bad” food groups may actually hurt your weight loss campaign than good. What I mean is that, there are too many unrealistic fad diets out there which could not only make you crazy, but will also affect your over all health. The focus should be to target the best eating plan which is specifically beneficial for your body. Remember, if it’s non-sustainable approach, then you better try other alternatives to lose weight effectively.

This is the reason why many overweight people are struggling to lose some weight. Plus, they lack motivation and discipline to succeed, always rushing to see fast results. That is not the right attitude if you want to lose weight the natural and safer way. What is the right way to lose weight? Simple – Balanced Nutrition!

I am always suggesting that an equal and balanced diet is essential to your weight loss success. You must be able to consume significant or proper amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats in a daily basis. In conjunction with regular workout, you will inevitably lose weight no matter what. How to eat a balanced diet? Eating in portion is one way to achieve this technique.

Eating in portion or commonly known as “portion control” diet regimen, enables the practitioner to eat any foods they desire, but of course only in portion. This technique helps the practitioner to satisfy their food cravings without over consuming bad foods. So in reality, you don’t need to restrict yourself from the foods you love such as ice cream, cakes, your favorite pastas and sodas.

So are you going to complicate things just to lose weight? Being paranoid about the way you look is just enough to motivate you to get the right weight loss program. How many diets have failed you? Yes, you never lost a single pound on those diets because you never applied portion control style of eating.

If you are used to very large, huge portions of eating, you will definitely have difficulty in practicing this diet principle. One way to trick yourself is to use small plates in the table. Using small plates will remind you that you are into diet and not into an eating feast. See, diet can sometimes be solved through emotional and mental tricks. You don’t have to suffer more from food binging, all you have to do is to be emotionally and mentally prepared to complete your everyday tasks.

Think about this, incorporate this technique to your current diet program in conjunction with your workout routine. This will result in great wonders. Just make sure that you apply intense training in a regular basis if you are obese or slightly overweight. If you don’t know what type of diet you can apply, then I suggest that you try Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Secrets course. It’s a personalized diet program that will help you design a perfect eating plan to achieve effective weight loss. With regards to exercise, I suggest that you do intense weight training which could help fasten your weight loss than any regular workout regimen.

Now if you are an obese men or women, these are just little tips that you can actually practice. This blog is full of information on how you can essentially lose weight safer and as quick as possible. I am encouraging you to read more of my articles here and learn how you can turn yourself from being obese, to a sexy, fitter and healthy you.


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