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Obesity and Depression What Comes First

Obesity and Depression What Comes First
There have been hundreds of studies about obesity and depression which shows the causes, symptoms and possible treatments. Similarly, dozens of studies have proven the relationship between obesity and depression. So the question is, what comes first?

Obviously, both conditions runs in a two way street, which means that it can occur together. However, obesity is more likely to cause depression than the other way around. Plus, there are third common factors that solidifies the link between this two conditions such as alcoholism, trauma, discrimination and many others.

A study by Sarah Markowitz issued by Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, shows a link between these two conditions and found solid evidence that the two can cause one another – obesity to depression and depression to obesity. Lets look deeper into this topic to learn more how to deal with this conditions.

Factors that Connects Obesity and Depression

obesity and depressionBoth conditions are very complex and needs more further studies to establish effective treatment and prevention. One way to do that is to look on different factors or health risks that leads to both obesity and depression.

Both obesity and depression can co-exist thru lifestyle, psychosocial and physiological factors. Obesity have been more linked to cause mental illness. However, depression also poses higher risk for people to get overweight or worst thru excessive eating.

Obesity, a condition that can cause stigma and intense discrimination, can ultimately influence low self-esteem, less self-worth, guilt and dissatisfaction due to their appearance. Depressive state will inevitably follow if you suffer from extreme physiological dysfunction.

On the other hand, depressed people are more likely to become overweight or obese because of similar physiological changes. With depression, an individual’s over all state is totally down, making every task difficult to overcome. The consequences are less or no exercise, severe overeating and having different mental dilemmas.

What’s worse is that, depressed people tend to eat foods that are rich in fats and sugars, basically to help enhance their mood a little bit. Studies suggests that continuous increase in appetite may alleviate depression more.

Ignoring all the symptoms of obesity and depression could lead to severe health and emotional problems. If you think you are suffering from either of these conditions, consult your doctor for proper treatment.

How to Deal with Obesity and Depression

I have been vocal on how to deal with obesity in this site, giving you tips and other simple weight loss approach with resources on how to overcome obesity. However, depression is quite complex to deal with. You need professional help to be able to overcome this kind of mental illness.

Increasing your space and lightening up your social life is one way to overcome depression. Any factors that can reduce your stress may very well help in managing both obesity and depression. In severe situations, antidepressant drugs and therapies are very crucial and necessary. Talk to your physician before you take any drugs.

Family support is also important. Encourage your love one to do any family weight loss program such as family marathon, sports or any physical activities. Emphasize healthy foods, teach him how to cook and have a healthy diet.

Conclusion on Obesity and Depression

Any signs of obesity or depression should not be ignored as these two conditions can co-exist. It is very fatal if this conditions are not treated as soon as possible.

To help you deal with obesity, I suggest that you take Phen375 together with your current weight loss program. Weight reduction is the key to reduce your risks of depression. Thousands of people have testified that Phen375 had improved their over all well-being aside from helping them lose weight.


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