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Liquid Cleanse Diet for Weight Loss

Liquid Cleanse Diet for Weight Loss
Are you trying to find another interesting ideas on how to lose weight fast? If you are, then don’t click that exit button as I will give you another important dieting topic that could greatly help you to lose weight. Today I will discuss some important details with regards to Liquid Cleanse Diet which includes its principles, effects, weight loss functions and how to apply this kind of diet.

Liquid Cleansing Diet is a type of diet which restricts you to consume any type of solid foods in a short period of time or in a specific course of your diet program. It only allows liquids such as juices or water and is very similar to my previous dieting article water fasting weight loss regimen. This diet is also known as liquid fasting cleanse, colon cleanse and is much similar concept with master cleanse diet, all of which involves liquid consumption.

There are many positive and negative reports with regards to liquid cleanse but most of these reports shows that it can effectively help lose weight fast. However, like any “fasting” diet principles, it can be harmful to health especially without proper guidance from expert dietitians. Like other dieting programs, liquid cleanse diet is not well supported by science nor the medical field for its health cleansing benefits. So medical approval from your physician is highly advisable before you practice any liquid cleansing diet.

For more information, let me give you more details about liquid cleanse and how you can lose weight through this dieting regimen. Lets start with its principles.

Liquid Cleanse Diet Principles

liquid cleanse dietLiquid cleanse aims to aid digestion problems and offers detoxification benefits according to some experts. It helps get rid of the toxins inside the body that includes preservatives, nicotine, caffeine and many others. Practicing liquid cleanse in a proper way will highly constitutes to an increased energy levels, boosts immune system and of course speeds up weight loss.

Toxin builds up primary in the colon which if not flushed out, could lead to serious illnesses such as infection, asthma, allergies and many other diseases. Liquid cleansing can help rid of these toxins to help improve over all health. This is the reason why liquid cleansing is also called as colon cleanse diet.

Following a liquid cleansing diet is not complicated nor confusing. You just need to consume a lot of organic juices or water over the course of two to three days tops. So it requires you to use a juicer to make your own liquids made from fresh vegetables and fruits and also to help control your liquid intake. Always consult your doctor first before you do this diet. Digestive issues have been reported if this diet is done incorrectly.

Weight Loss Functions of Liquid Cleanse Diet and it’s Effects

Applying a liquid cleansing program will definitely produce good results if you want to lose weight fast. Why? Because you are actually consuming very few calories or even none at all if you are concentrating more on consuming water. Juice fasting can only provide up to 300 calories per day, depending on how much you drink and the ingredients you use. Adults approximately need about 2,000 calories per day to maintain weight, this means that practicing a liquid cleanse diet can surely help you lose weight much faster than any other fad diets out there.

However, quick weight loss also offers side effects. Extreme application of this diet can deplete your energy and will constitute to more health issues. Furthermore, most people who tried liquid cleanse also regained their normal weight after their diet duration. It means that this diet is not just ideal for long-term weight loss program due to its health side-effects, but it also produce short-term result. Side effects includes the following:
  • headaches
  • weakness and fatigued
  • dizziness
  • low blood sugar levels
  • drops in blood pressure

Not only that, too much liquid cleanse diet could also lead to cardiac problems or even sudden death. How? Since you are not consuming enough foods, your body gets less nutrients and less calories to burn. If this happens, your body will start to burn muscles for energy production and you heart is made up of muscles. Once this occurs, cardiac arrest is possible and nutrient deficiencies will follow.

How to Do a Liquid Cleansing Diet?

Okay, if you insist to try this diet to aid your weight issues, below is a simple instruction on how you can do liquid cleansing diet for fast weight loss results.

Start your morning day right by making a fresh lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water (distilled or alkanized is much preferred). Never use cold water as this will not be beneficial for your colon health. Lemon juice have said to initiate bile production in the liver so this is an important step in the morning. Alternative fruits are calamondin, oranges or kiwi juice. Repeat a similar juice as a snack in between morning and lunch time.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are ideal for lunch time. Blend your favorite vegetables and fruits with some ice. Add any citrus fruits to add some flavor. Most practitioners also recommend flaxseed for additional fiber content which helps more on cleansing.

Drink fruit juices as a snack in between lunch and dinner time. Drink more water as often as possible as this can keep you hydrated while doing liquid cleanse. Remember, choose the most organic and 100% fruit juice and avoid commercialized canned juice as much as possible.

For dinner, dietitians recommends making your own versions of vegetable soups. Carrot or celery soup are much preferred by most practitioners. Alternative soups are corn and mushroom soups. Also, try some fresh fruit shakes as your dessert to add some flavors to your diet. This includes strawberries, watermelon or mango shakes.

Repeat these steps for at least three days but not extending over a week as this can be hazardous to your health. Dietitians are recommending that you do a liquid cleanse for a maximum of four times per year to achieve its optimum health benefits. So its like one cleansing every three months.

LiveStrong has compiled a lot of liquid cleanse topics for you to learn about. For now, this information is enough for you to decide whether this diet is beneficial or not for your weight loss program.

In summary, liquid cleanse diet is just another fad diet that you can use to lose weight fast. As I have said, the result is just for short term and the diet itself is not for long-term application. It is much more harmful to your health if you choose to practice this program more often than what I had suggested above.

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