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Foods Every Health Conscious Individual Should Buy Organically

Foods Every Health Conscious

The reality is that if we were living in a perfect world then we’d all be super healthy, buying all of our food at the local farmers markets, looking after our organic egg producing chickens that were running around in our backyards, inviting local farmers over to eat dinner with us, foraging in the local forests to get fresh organic mushrooms, and all around living a more outdoorsy kind of life where we were constantly active!

But the truth is that this sort of lifestyle, while it may be all great and healthy just isn’t that practical for most people to live out on a regular basis… and honestly I doubt most people would want to live this way even if the option was there.

Having become extremely comfortable with being able to just swing by our local grocery store whenever we want… it is a comfort that most of us are just not willing to give up!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to make the right choices when it comes to food. We all still want to buy healthy organic food but at the same time want to make sure that we are getting the most value for our hard earned money!

Of course I’ve made sure that the list of foods that I list below will all be available down at your local grocery store… so you really shouldn’t have a problem getting them on your next shopping trip.

On top of that I made the effort to list them in order of importance, starting with the most important at the top.
man drinking milk

man drinking milk

Dairy is one of those things that many people can’t consume because they are lactose intolerant, yet there are an even greater number of people around the world who do consume it in one form or another every single day.

Of course, if you are among the many that does consume it on a regular basis then your best bet would be to get it from a cow that is 100% grass fed. But the truth is that most people just don’t have the opportunity to get it because they don’t live next to a farm or a store that actually sells it. However if you can’t get the best then do make sure that you at least get organic dairy.

The good thing about getting organic dairy is that you can be sure that the farmers who produce it, have to comply with certain regulations and standards.

The most important aspect of the regulations that these organic dairy producers must follow is that they must ensure that their cows are getting at least 30% of their total calories from fresh grass.

So when you put your money toward organic dairy products you can be sure that the cow that produced it has definitely had a decent amount of fresh grass. All of these juicy nutrients will of course be passed onto you when you consume the dairy products!

The second reason why you must absolutely get organic dairy from now on is because conventional dairy cows are given food that is just covered in tons of pesticides and all of these are passed onto the dairy that the cow produces.

This really isn’t pretty for those looking to lose weight and get into the best health of their lives!


You will be glad to know that organic beef cows are put under the same standards and regulations that organic dairy cows are. So that means that these cows have to be getting at the very minimum… 30% of their total calories from fresh grass. So every time you eat a nice organic steak you can find great comfort knowing that your money is well spent on beef that not only tastes far better but actually has a lot more nutrients in it.

The ultimate option will of course be to get yourself beef that was 100% grass fed, however this is a little harder to come across so organic will be the best option.

The good news with organic beef is that while its main source of food will still be soy and corn you can feel good knowing that neither of these things will be genetically modified or contain a massive amount of pesticides in them.

And you should also note that none of these organic beef producing cows are allowed to be given any sort of antibiotics or hormones.

I truly hope you realize why it’s so important to start eating your beef organically from now on!


Now, I know that there are many people that get confused when it comes to eggs, but believe me it is really simple. The absolute best option is to buy eggs that have been laid by pastured chickens. If they are pastured then it doesn’t matter if they are organic or not. If you can’t get your hands on these (as they are a little hard to come across) then you should work to getting organic eggs.

The reason you will want to completely avoid normal eggs is because they are produced by chickens that eat food which is full of pesticides… and all of that is passed onto the yolks of the eggs that they lay!

Secondly, by investing your money into pastured eggs you are basically getting eggs that have come from chickens which have largely been on a natural diet. This means that they have been eating things like bugs, grasses and other scraps for most of their life.

So trust me if you want to be healthy and lose a lot of weight then go for either pastured or organic eggs!

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy Green Vegetables
The only thing aside from being really great for your health that leafy green vegetables have in common is that they all have extremely large surface areas. All of the most common vegetables such as spinach, kale, and lettuce all have super massive surface areas.

So this means that whatever pesticides are sprayed onto them you can be sure that virtually all of the vegetable is covered in it… and believe me these pesticides are practically impossible to remove.

Of course when you are thinking about a hard vegetable such as a carrot, then you can say that it is easy to get rid of the pesticides because all you need to do is scrub it down really hard under water. But if you were to apply the same sort of force to some soft lettuce then all you would do is end up with a pile of mush!

Another reason to go organic when it comes to vegetables is simply due to the sheer amount you will be consuming from now on. Would you really want to put down so much pesticide ridden vegetables in your body?


I’m not saying that this list is by any means perfect and that you should at all stop there once you get these organically… but it is a great place to start if you aren’t sure where to spend your money.

In the end your list may look a little different depending on what you feel is most appropriate for you. The main thing is to be more aware of the foods you eat because not only will going organic help you lose weight a lot faster but your long term health will benefit too.


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