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Can Chocolate Make You Fat
chocolatesIf you noticed that you are getting nowhere on your weight loss program, you begin to look on the foods you eat especially your snacks. It’s like a crime eating a certain food that is not included in your diet list.

While most dieters are guilty of eating their perceived undesired foods from time to time, it is actually very hard to avoid. Does this sound like you? There are so many roadblocks with regards to weight loss, requiring you some mental toughness and total discipline.

One of the most hated but ultimately loved snack food is chocolate. Get to know chocolate more in this Post. You’ll never believe what different studies suggests about this widely in-demand food.

Health Properties of Chocolate

Moderate consumption of chocolates gives dozens of health benefits, especially dark chocolate. It is made from plants called theobroma cacao, which has similar properties of dark vegetables. This means that chocolates are abundant in flavonoids, a type of antioxidants.

Ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs used cacao (chocolate beans) as treatment for various diseases and to increase their physical strength. Several studies suggests that chocolates won’t just satisfy your tongue, but also slows down your aging process due to its antioxidant properties as well as lowering your blood pressure that reduces your risks of heart diseases.

Chocolates also helps lower your bad cholesterol while increasing your good cholesterol. It also regulates various hormones in the body and keeps your blood sugar levels in check (yes it does). So what about with regards to weight issues?

Are Chocolates Fattening

Chocolates have been long branded as a bad thing for weight loss as it contains too much sugar, fats and chocolates. Well, for most experts, moderate consumption of “dark” chocolates leads to good slimming results. This is due to Cocoa, the main source of chocolates which have been studied to have good effects on metabolism.

An article published on USAToday shows that people who love to eat chocolates are much more thinner than those who avoid it. Dark chocolates in particular are less in sugar and calories, two aspects that highly affects weight gain. The article shows that chocolates have unique compounds that can influence metabolism, boost cell’s energy and lowers the calories that turns to fat.

What’s bad for you are those commercially packed chocolate products such as ice creams and candy bars. These products will spike your blood sugar levels while piling up calories that will bulge your waistline, thus increasing your body mass index.


Do you still fear chocolates? I suggests that you eat dark chocolates in a moderate manner to get its many healthy benefits. Again, never apply a “chocolate” diet and expect weight loss. Too much of everything is not good for you.

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