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Best Pre-Workout Foods
Pre and post-workout meals should be carefully selected to avoid nullifying your exercise efforts. Any types of workout routines especially strenuous activities, puts a lot of toll in our bodies. Remember that during workout, the excess fats are burned and you don’t want to get some extra calories just by satisfying your cravings.

Your eating habits and your physical exertion needs to co-exist together to come up with a healthy and fit body. Your body will require more water, protein, calcium and many other important nutrients as you continue your workout journey. This article will give you some ideal foods that are perfect for your pre-workout routine.

Top pre-workout foods


You are probably aware that bananas are rich in potassium, in fact it is super rich. Potassium is a nutrient that helps in maintaining proper nerve and muscle function, which makes this fruit at the top of this list. Aside from that fact, exercise can help drop your potassium level so your body will have sufficient and adequate source


Yogurt contains high amounts of magnesium which helps enhance your energy levels that could support your workout activities. It releases important enzymes that breaks down into proteins and carbohydrates which the body needs as energy. This is the reason that if you eat yogurt before your workout, you will be able to lift weight much easier because of the processed energy from yogurt’s magnesium content.


A couple chocolate bars before workout can provide you that extra energy you need. Chocolates especially the dark ones, contains bioactive compounds tyramine and phenylethylamine which helps boost your energy levels. Aside from that, chocolates are abundant in sugar, calories, fat and caffeine, which means that you should also moderate your consumption.


Oats are fibrous, low on glycemic index and are easy to digest. Eating oatmeal before workout will release carbohydrates into the bloodstream in a regular basis. This helps boost energy levels, increase your B vitamins, lowers your cholesterol, relieves stress and converts carbohydrates into energy.


Almonds is a healthy nut. It contains healthy fats that are monounsaturated kind, which means that it’s good to your health. This fats also contain omerga 3 which promotes energy boosting capabilities. This properties makes almonds one of the best choices for your pre-workout foods.

Other foods that you should highly consider are lentils, whole wheat products, fruits and many others. Remember to stay hydrated before and after your workout to prevent any health problems.


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